Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Off to OSU We Go

I got a few more opinions on Liam over the weekend, and another vet reviewed his stuff Monday night. She told us to take him to OSU as soon as possible.

She suspects he has multiple issues going on- a right hind lameness as well as something impinging the spinal cord or up high behind (EPM, fractures of the vertebrae or pelvis, wobblers, etc).

I'm trying to scramble everything together to get him to OSU today, everything is falling into place, but I have to send him on ahead of me while I finish working this morning.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Liam Update, Part 1

I don't know when part 2 is coming. What was supposed to be a real update today or tomorrow was scrapped when he had new developments.

Pouting, back when he felt better.

We've tested him for ALL the things and have almost no answers.

He was very neurological (very unsteady walking) with a ever so slight fever (101.2) on 5/31. Heavy doses of meds made a solid improvement, but he seems to have back slid today.

I'm devastated basically.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Power of Thought

I feel like a broken record here, but think some good thoughts for Liam, he's feeling under the weather.

The emergency vet was called Friday, she pulled a bunch of blood to send out Monday, and loaded him up with drugs to cover most of our bases while we wait.

He's feeling a lot better after all of his drugs Friday, but he's still on a big cocktail and not symptom free.

Feeling a good deal better Saturday morning. 

Good thoughts y'all, because most of the diseases in this first round of testing aren't good.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2nd Birthday

Almost missed it, but today is Liam's 2nd birthday!


Liam continues to be an excellent, no fuss baby horse. He leads much better now, he can stand still to be groomed in the aisle during mild to moderate barn activity, is super brave, and VERY curious. In a pinch, when bravery wanes but curiosity is still there, humans are good to hide behind. He has even learned to push one of the big exercise balls with his nose!

So shy about putting his head out. But these nose was busy touching and wiggling!

He doesn't feel the need to put everything in his mouth (he likes to nose things though). He's finally learned that humans sometimes have these awesome things called treats, and when they hold their hand out to you, they'd like to give you one. This has not caused any mouthiness so far.

He knows how to socialize with other horses. He tends to skip rolls in the mud and is like teflon when he is dirty.

Definitely an A+ purchase, his mind is incredible and thinking. He doesn't leave scary situations, he becomes cautious and curious. He is a sponge, soaking everything up. He feels more mature than 2 a lot of the time, but then does baby things like forgetting he has legs.

"Whoa, stuff looks different from here"

He is not what I expected. He is exceeding all expectations!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

First Farrier Visit

One main item on my mind was having Liam's feet fixed. His prior farrier care was not great. The breeder's barn manager even said as much... I suspect whoever they use is willing to work on rude baby horses, so they keep using them, even though the manager knows the trims are bad.

When we decided Liam would come home on 4/5, he was due to be trimmed again sometime between 4/7 and 4/13. The barn manager didn't have him trimmed because she knew I'd have him done properly after he got home and so wanted to leave some foot to work with (which I agreed with her and was happy she didn't have him done).

Long, but the flare on the left front was especially bothersome.
He also needs more heel all-around.
I didn't think to take any before pics on the concrete!
One of my barn owners (the husband) is a part time farrier and extremely patient. I asked him to do Liam's feet for now because I expected the horse to be rude and jumpy and reactive. Nothing seems to fluster BO Farrier, and if it takes an hour to get the fronts done and we come back for the hinds, not a big deal. He's got all the education to shoe/trim and goes to continuing education seminars, but farrier work is not his full time job so it's not a permanent situation for me.

He agreed, on the condition I put in the time outside of trims to work on hoof handling. Well duh, I want a well behaved creature, so I was going to put the time in anyway! Plus he needs to have his feet picked out every time I have him out to be groomed or handled. BO Farrier showed me how to anchor the hoof against myself so I could use my leg to hold it in place and not my arms... and so Liam couldn't cow kick me, as we learned he will do when he's flustered.

Battle Bruises
Liam ripped his left hind out of my hand repeatedly until I got his leg anchored correctly.
I need practice.
BO watched me battle Liam over that left hind. He was literally ripping it out of my hand and hopping forward with his entire hind end, which threw me back. And since he's an awkward kiddo, his front left was way out to the side and every time I got thrown back I tripped on his front leg, almost going into epic pratfalls. She was like, "How on earth did they trim his feet?!"

By the way, did you know Liam was Teflon coated? And mud-averse? It's fantastic
BO Farrier and I agreed to try trimming his fronts Wednesday this week because they just couldn't go any longer (which would have allowed me more practice with his feet). If it took an hour to do them, so be it. BO Farrier did a test rasping on Monday to take down a little of the flare on the LF, and to see how Liam behaved. He... wasn't great. He spooked and gawked at the hoof stand and tried halfheartedly to leave, but in the end stood like a circus animal on a ball with 3 feet while the LF was on the stand. Whatever keeps you still dude.

I practiced leading with Liam before his appointment, just to "exercise" him a little, and then it was time! He wasn't keen on standing in the middle of the aisle (watching horses hug the walls and not stand in the middle makes my eyes bleed), so he hugged the wall for comfort and let BO Farrier do his fronts.

Everything went well on his fronts, so BO Farrier tried the hinds... which went well! The biggest issue was the left hind, but BO Farrier did a much better job holding onto it so Liam only tried pulling it away once. Sorry farrier. That shit hurts :(

New toes!
Liam has varying degrees of deep pitting/thrush in the white lines of each hoof from heel to mid-bell. He also had a false sole on the left hind, probably from an abscess sometime in this past godforsaken wet winter.

BO Farrier originally wasn't going to use the nippers on him and go this short the first time, but the deep pitting was worrisome, and it extends deeper than he trimmed off.
BO Farrier was able to bring his heels back by trimming this much off, which is great.
Liam was very good for a baby horse with limited handling, I was very pleased. Most of his "naughty" behavior was around him just not knowing how to balance on 3 legs. He seemed to think he could only balance on 2 (diagonal pair, not rearing) or 4, and standing square to evenly distribute his weight was a complete unknown to him. He'll learn! One more positive experience is in the books for him though!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Semi Wordless Wednesday: Anniversary Trip Edition

Husband and my 6th wedding anniversary was this past weekend. We took a FANTASTIC trip :)

The bridge at Hoover Dam.
Colorado River and bridge. Managed to not take a pic of the dam itself 🤦‍♀️
Phoenix Zoo... where we took a selfie with a saguaro instead of an animal. 
Rula Bula, Tempe, AZ. Because Iron Druid Chronicles.
The BEST fish and chips. 5/5.
The vastness cannot be photographed.
Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim
Grand Canyon National Park
A very striking tree.
Start of the hike to Ooh Ahh Point.
Very tall walls.
One view at Ooh Ahh Point
60 miles of cow country to get to Canyon West. It's like a terrifying game of chicken, only with cows hiding in the dark.

View from the helicopter on our way down to the boats.
Another view from the helicopter on the way down. 
Looking up from the path to the docks.
Colorado River at Separation Canyon
Zoom! 35+ mph down the Colorado River

Helicopter view of the rim at Canyon West
Extremely bright rainbow to finish the trip
Four Queens Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Look! We turned $20 into $0.29!

This video is worth the 4 min watch, I promise.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Fancy Word Sequence (repose)

Of course, I came up with a name for this post a while ago and then instead of hitting close, I hit publish. Oops. So those of you that read via Feedly, you got a "404 No Content" problem.

Hey look! He's not derpy!

Liam is not registered... yet.

I know, I know. "You bought him unregistered?!" Yes, I did. I did my homework first though, I contacted Westfalen NA and asked exactly what they needed to register him. He's eligible- mom and dad are both approved. I need to do a DNA kit, get an insemination certificate, get a foaling certificate, and bill of sale. Then he needs to go to inspection this summer for permanent identification, even though he's a gelding.

Maybe he's secretly a baby cow.

But all of that means... I get to officially name him!

Event Trainer was going to call him Lawless because he broke all the foaling rules before he was born and probably shouldn't be alive.

The breeder that handled his foaling and young horse care tried to breed a full sibling- she ordered more Lordanos semen and the mare didn't catch, so she was unable to produce a full sibling. That made me go back to the suggestion of Limited Edition.

Horse vs ball standoff

I'm not really sold on either of those, so here are the rules:
  • The name can be a word or series of words, but the first letter MUST be an L.
  • No love themed names (Lover, Lover Boy, etc)
  • Preferred: Not an overused name. Would love something that starts with Lord.


Suggestions so far:

    Limited Edition
    Lord of Letters
    Lord of Logic
    Lucid Dreamer

Umm, you're two. Why are you so beefy?
Also, his hind end belongs to a different horse than his front end. I'm hoping since his thick legs seem to match his bum, the front end will grow soon.

"Funny but we're not using them" suggestions:
    Lunch Meat
    Lunch Box
    Lord Beefcake

That white nose stands out!
He isn't food aggressive at home, but he was at the breeder's.

Lawless has quite a few horses in the USEF, Limitless has even more, and Limited Edition has A TON. Enough to make me not want to use it.

I'm keeping 'Liverwurst' for when he's bad, Event Trainer and I both think it's hysterical.

Where did my floaty horse go? He's probably tired from a long day making new friends and playing!

So blog land, give me some fancy word sequences that start with L!