Illuczion, aka "Penn" (like illusionists Penn and Teller), is an unregistered (not for lack of me trying) Oldenburg/TB. He's a 2009 model, and he came into my life a week and a half after Mikey's death.

Illuczion, 8/28/2016
His pedigree, carefully put together using Excel because he's not registered anywhere.
Confirmation picture from the day I went to see him.
Confirmation picture from the day I went to see him.
This is the pic that really made me want him- he's looking like a scruff muffin, but he's so active with his hinds legs and isn't even engaged. And he didn't know anything.

Penn joined us here in PA on 8/15/2015. He settled in so well that he tagged along to a dressage schooling show a week later to do Intro A and B! He was a superstar at his first show.

Trotting around Intro A- first test ever.
Penn and I competed in a six show winter series from Nov 2015-Apr 2016 at training level. We averaged about 65% in the 17 tests we rode, with scores up to 69%. Penn was the Open/AA/Jr Champion in T-1, T-2, and T-3!

So much satin!

Three weeks after winning all those training level championships, Penn made his First Level debut at a local schooling show! He was AA First Level Champion! We competed at First Level for the rest of 2016.

Warming up at his second show at First Level- where he earned a 71.406% in 1-2!
First recognized satin! May 2016
Competing at Championships, September 2016
So happy after finishing a great Championship test. 66%+ for 9th out of 29.
Championship show satin.

We finished out 2016 strong, and hooked up with a new trainer in November who overhauled some of our basics to help get us ready for 2nd/3rd.

Riding 2-3 for the first time in Feb 2017.
Schooling half pass at GP Trainer's farm.

We're planning on qualifying for First Level Championships again in 2017 and making our Second Level debut in June 2017, and Third Level debut in September 2017.


Penn's lifetime results as of 7/28/2017, both schooling and recognized.
He's only been out of the ribbons 4 times; each time he was the first place after the last awarded ribbon.

Last updated: 7/28/2017

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