Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hovering Grasshoppers

I went on my weekly trail riding date today. I took Shea. She's my surrogate horse until I find something of my own.

Back in February. Sorry for the old photo! 

She's a love bug and is bold and enjoys working. She likes hugs but doesn't really know about the world of treats yet. I'm working on fixing that!

So she's leading and we're walking along through a meadow, and there's a ton of grasshoppers jumping and flying.

I totally did not know that they could hover. Shea didn't either. Nature did not act in the manner in which she's accustomed, aka she walks and it gets out of her way.

She had the cutest little spook at one that popped up and hovered directly in her way. She gave it plenty of room as she walked past it. Then a butterfly came by and she gave it the hairy eye, hahaha. Baby spooks are cute when the horse is confident enough to try and figure out what's scary.


  1. aw she has a very sweet face - i can just see her trying to puzzle out a hovering grasshopper. sounds like a pleasant and therapeutic ride

    1. She's a smart cookie. Her first instinct on something spooky is to investigate. Now if a horse gallops past her or towards her (ie cross country schooling situation), she loses her shit. No spook though! Haha