Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Musical Freestyles

So I'd like to try to go to the US Dressage Finals next year, which means I need to get better and make some extra money to be able to afford it.

Another thing I'd like to do is a 3rd Level Musical Freestyle. I even began writing one. Then rewrote it. Over and over and over...

What I need to do with what I have is ride the test I wrote in a standard size arena and check the time. I think I've gotten a bit too long- five min is the max time otherwise there's penalties and non scored movements etc.

Does anyone have any programs they particularly like for editing music? Or for creating the tests? Right now I'm working out of Excel! I don't really want to create in Dressage Diagrams, I hate paying for stuff like that when I'm perfectly capable of picturing stuff in my head and writing it down in Excel.

So I'm asking for construction criticism of what I've written. I'm toying with eliminating the walk pirouettes as they aren't required and take up time. I want to leave the extended canters the way they are because the canter work is going to be taxing on my horse and those are good easy movements for him to let down on. I am toying with the idea of going straight from the second flying change into a 3 loop serpentine with 2 additional flying changes, altering the extended trot so it works out I'm walking at C still. I want to lead with the canter work- this is not optional. Mikey relaxes and gets his groove in the canter work, and the flying changes jazz him up and will make his trot work much better. Also, I want the half passes going towards the judge.

Here are the test directives with required movements: Click Here to go to the Test

Please don't steal my test if you like it. You know we'll end up competing at the same show.

I'll be posting riding updates soon.

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