Friday, January 25, 2019

Quick, Help Needed!

Bloggers are a spectacular group of people. Knowledgeable and willing to help out. I need some help!

Incredible bloggers are why I have incredible pictures like this.
PC: Austen

Is anyone near Chattanooga TN? Or would enjoy visiting near there on a weekday and would like to be my eyes? And possibly live text me constant updates? I promise to be super chatty and needy. 😛

Email me, codexdressage at

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2018 in a Nutshell, 2019 Plans

Meme of the year

A lot of shit happened this year. I have trouble finding the good to be honest. You all know Penn's falling apart story from April onward.

But there were things I didn't share that all happened concurrently: Husband lost his job (luckily he found a new one quickly). I was in a car accident (not at fault, I got T boned by someone not paying attention when they turned left). Work took a major downturn and the stress there doubled. My truck had thousands of dollars in repairs done in December.

More recently, we found a large tumor on  Felix's paw and it had to be removed on 12/26. Luckily, it popped cleanly out and the vet was able to save the toe next to it. The biopsy said it was a benign round cell tumor, which the vet said was like saying its a car in a parking lot... no real specifics as to what kind of car. She's hopeful it won't come back, but in cases like this they often remove a centimeter of tissue around it to be sure. The problem is, a tiny cat paw doesn't have that much tissue. It may or may not come back, if it does, they'll remove the toe. If it comes back after that, they remove the leg. Please 2019, we don't need this to happen.

I finished the year by going to the ER on Christmas. I tried to hold out for med express, but I was panting at Christmas dinner and opted to go to the ER at around 9pm Tuesday because I couldn't breathe. I have pneumonia and my asthma is acting up. I ended up having an EKG and blood clot tests because my blood pressure was astronomical and I should have been admitted on that alone. The docs let it be my choice, I could be admitted to have a couple days of breathing treatments and IV antibiotics and steroids and they could also watch my blood pressure, or they'd write me RXs for more inhalers and pill antibiotics and steroids, and I could come back to have my lungs and blood pressure checked. I opted to go home at 4am.

After having my IV in for 6 hours, my arm had a dull ache and I couldn't sleep anymore. 
12/28. They uh, did a good job... The 5"+ bruise is finally gone as of today.

I am feeling better and I rested appropriately. Work bent all of their working remotely rules and I was home for the rest of 2018 and didn't go back to the office until 1/3. Husband was also home at the end of the year, so he kept an eye on me... and Felix (who is doing well!).

Highlight of 2018: dressage cow horse. Such a shame that his collateral ligament damage will prevent him from chasing cows again (the quick side to side action to move them).

Let me list some good things: I lost 25 pounds from May to September, and have managed to keep it off. Husband and I built a garden. I re-found my love for biking. I did get to chase cows with Penn and I've ridden a few different horses this year. And I'm afraid to say it lest I jinx it, but all of my direct family members are still with us, animal and human. I am grateful for that.

Ok 2019. We've started and you've already graced one of my girl cats with a UTI with a ton of blood. Please, please don't decide you need someone to hold your beer so you can make everything even worse.

Goals for 2019 are simple:
  • Get Penn settled in his new home.
  • Find a new horse.
  • Stay on top of my own health (treat asthma appropriately, de-stress to lower my blood pressure, continue to lose weight or at a minimum don't gain back what I've lost).
  • Bike from Pittsburgh to DC.
January and February are suddenly very full- the next 5 weekends suddenly have a ton of plans! More to come!