Friday, January 25, 2019

Quick, Help Needed!

Bloggers are a spectacular group of people. Knowledgeable and willing to help out. I need some help!

Incredible bloggers are why I have incredible pictures like this.
PC: Austen

Is anyone near Chattanooga TN? Or would enjoy visiting near there on a weekday and would like to be my eyes? And possibly live text me constant updates? I promise to be super chatty and needy. 😛

Email me, codexdressage at


  1. good luck, Jan! the only person i know in TN is Michele from Fat Buckskin, but she's about 300mi away from Chattanooga.

    1. Yes feel free to email me Jan at but it is a bit of a ride for me. Hope you find someoone closer. I will be heading to Northeast in early Feb and could possibly go that way but that may be too late for you! thanks Emma for finding me a new blog to follow :)

      Jan I hope 2019 is much better for you!!

    2. Ah, I've only found people several hundred miles away too! Still searching, with availability the last couple days of Jan into early Feb!

    3. I am going to VA probably next week.....(aka the 6th or so) and could go that way if needed. I will be coming back around the 12th or 13. I usaully go thru Bristol but can go to Chattanooga then to Knoxville if it helps.....feel free to email me

    4. Thanks Marti! I did get things sorted and he's out of the picture. No need to alter your plans :)

  2. If you ever have one you want to look at in SoCal I am more than game to help!