Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Good Jingles Y'all

Red circle: things that should not be. A divot in the left hind splint bone. 
Green arrow: things that are fine. This is a major blood vessel to the bone. 

Eli starts 2 weeks of strict stall rest today. I called the vet Tuesday evening for a funny looking puncture/scrape on the inside of his left hind... I just wanted to be sure nothing was in there.

She was immediately concerned about a fractured splint bone and wanted to see him. When she xrayed, we found the tiny divot/bone irregularity in the red circle.

It bothered her a whole heck of a lot... so we're on the ultra conservative path and waiting 2 weeks to xray again to make sure the splint and the cannon bones don't have hairline fractures.

Eli SHOULD be fine. 9/10 horses are completely fine. He was pretty sound last night and everything points to it'll be ok. We just don't want to get this one wrong. 🤞