Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Good Jingles Y'all

Red circle: things that should not be. A divot in the left hind splint bone. 
Green arrow: things that are fine. This is a major blood vessel to the bone. 

Eli starts 2 weeks of strict stall rest today. I called the vet Tuesday evening for a funny looking puncture/scrape on the inside of his left hind... I just wanted to be sure nothing was in there.

She was immediately concerned about a fractured splint bone and wanted to see him. When she xrayed, we found the tiny divot/bone irregularity in the red circle.

It bothered her a whole heck of a lot... so we're on the ultra conservative path and waiting 2 weeks to xray again to make sure the splint and the cannon bones don't have hairline fractures.

Eli SHOULD be fine. 9/10 horses are completely fine. He was pretty sound last night and everything points to it'll be ok. We just don't want to get this one wrong. 🤞


  1. Ughhhhhh huge jingles. Come on Eli! This is not what we do during show season!

  2. Aaaaaaaahhh! Be fine, be fine, be fine, be fine!

  3. Ugh that's frustrating! Better safe than sorry. Hope it heals just fine.

  4. Oh no! Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

  5. Thinking of you guys and sending lots of healing thoughts.

  6. Sending good thoughts. We had a major splint injury years back to one of ours and he was fine after it all.