Friday, January 30, 2015

Surgery = Scheduled

Mikey's surgery is scheduled for Monday Feb 2 at Ohio State University's Equine Hospital. We're going to be hauling out tomorrow instead of Sunday because of the impending doom snowstorm that is going to smother us all beginning Sunday morning and continuing through Monday. Rather than risk an accident in a snow storm, my mom and I are going to drive out Saturday. It had best storm like crazy. The hotel cost of Saturday night in Columbus/OSU is more than the cost of Sunday and Monday nights combined! We'll be coming home Tuesday unless there's a complication.

My husband and I dug out my new truck, got all the gadgets in the truck (EZPass, phone chargers, GPS, 3 port converter for a single power outlet), and he was nice enough to run an Ethernet cable from the back of the truck, under the tailgate and through the back door so my trailer cams will work. He's going to run the cable under the truck and up into the dash in the spring, but he thought I would want it for this trip so I could check on Mikey after surgery on our way home. He also gave me a shovel, additional ice scraper, and the spray on de-icer stuff. Mom is bringing another shovel, so we'll be prepared!

After that we went out and got new batteries for the truck clickers because they needed to be replaced but we were putting it off. The clickers dying led us to get key hole de-icer because when he tried the key in the driver's door after the clicker failed, it wouldn't turn because it was still frozen from all the icy rain we got last night.

Basically, I am all ready to tackle Snowmageddon while my horse is comfy in a heated stall at OSU.

Now I'm making Nickels chicken for the four days I'll be gone so husband can just scoop and go. Yes, Nickels is a spoiled cat. He's so sickly, enjoys chicken more than his dry food (and wet food), and only weighs 6 lbs when he should weigh 7 or 8. That and once he realized a hunger strike would make me feed him chicken, it was all over. By the way, plain chicken breast is unacceptable. It must be seasoned. Preferably with Mrs Dash's Grilling Chicken Seasoning. Everything says to feed him plain food, but he gobbles it right up and then begs for more. I had to add salt and pepper to the plain chicken I made the last time so he would eat it! It probably has something to do with his chronic sinus infection- he needs food with a strong odor to be convinced to eat it.

His Highness, Nickels, making his "Why in the hell did you wake me up?" face.
Spoiled creature. But we love him anyway :-)
Anyway, I probably won't write until Tuesday or Wednesday because I can't get the Blogger phone app to work right. I can comment but not post, sigh. Talk to you all later!

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