Monday, February 9, 2015

Cotton Sheeting Hell

So does anyone have a favorite cotton sheeting that they are dying to tell me about?

I am currently using Gamgee Highly Absorbent Padding, 12" x 11.5' from Tractor Supply. I am very happy with it, but at a price tag of $12.99 per roll, I am running out of money! We use one roll per bandage change (nice and thick- the incisions staying clean is too important).

I am having trouble getting it because Tractor Supply only gets like 4-5 in, and then people like me come in and buy it all. I just ordered 10 rolls from Smart Pak praying that it is the same thing in different packaging and will come in quickly.

Any cheaper human equivalent that I can buy in a CVS or Rite Aid or Walgreens or anywhere? Or cheaper equivalent in general?

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