Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gut Update

Thank you everyone for the suggestions for gut products!

I decided to go with U-Gard Pellets and powdered Bio Sponge from Platinum. The Platinum products are super expensive, but he's already taking the tube version of Bio Sponge and it's doing an OK job (more on that below). I liked the cost of the MagOx- however I'm concerned that Mr-I'm-a-Picky-Eater won't eat it, and since it'll need to be wet down, I feel bad making our temporary barn do that (he's already their neediest horse I think). Obviously if what I've picked doesn't work, I'll be revisiting the list and reevaluating what I'll ask people to do.

This is not the face of a nervous horse. Except for Penn, it is :-(

I do wish Platinum would make pelleted products. I hate powders. I feel like the chance of them making it into the horse is minuscule. Powders get stuck to anything wet or with static cling. Since I'm going to be giving him Doc's OCD, U-Gard, and Bio-Sponge, I'm going to start making him supplement baggies. Winter barn will do one scoop-able supplement, or else they ask that it be put in daily baggies or SmartPaks. Which is totally fine! I buy in such bulk anyway (except this first round of supplements) that it's not cool for them to have to keep huge buckets of stuff around the feed room. Anyway, moving a powder from bucket to baggie to feed bucket means some is lost every time. Even if I was willing to pay for SmartPaks (unless you buy their Smart Products, it's usually a ton cheaper per day to scoop yourself- do the math!), putting them all into Paks for a couple months isn't an option because the OCD and Bio-Sponge can only be purchased from their manufacturers. Bleh.

Penn's stall.

Anyway, Penn's diarrhea is still hanging around, despite the Bio Sponge. It's no where near as bad as it was over the weekend, which is good. It's been more solid and almost turd-like, but there's still liquid with some of the poops I've seen. BO let me know there were some actual turds in his stall yesterday morning, so yay!

I think a lot of it is nerve related - any change to the routine brings it on. I rode Tuesday evening while all the horses were in the barn, and he only pooped once in the aisle and there wasn't any liquid with it. Wednesday, I brought him in from the field and rode during the day and he spewed several times. I seem to remember him being a little nervous about being in the barn by himself when we brought him home in August, but it wasn't like this.

I need to spend some time just watching him in the field. I want to know if he spews when he poops out there. I'm leaning towards no, because he's out with the other horses.

I do want to stay away from calming supplements- mostly because they're illegal for USEF/USDF shows and that's really the time I'm going to need to support Penn.

Poor Penn. I really hope he adjusts to winter barn. I want to keep riding all winter, but if he's going to spew, I'm going to have to take him back home so he doesn't risk colitis.

Riding in the outdoor yesterday.

Despite his tummy problems, he's been a very nice ride. He may be nervous in the barn or in cross ties, but you sit on him and he immediately relaxes. Maybe he just needs a job all the time? Or he knows what's expected of him so he can relax?

Everyone have a good holiday! I'm off to go see Penn!


  1. Poor guy. Hopefully he will be able to relax at the new barn and everything will clear up.

  2. A word of warning on the bio sponge powder (if you don't already have it). I have some of it and the serving size is quite large. I personally don't see how anyone thinks their horse would eat it but then again I was trying to give it to a horse that only gets a cup of alfalfa pellets...I have heard good things about U-Gard. I'll be interested to see what you think.

    1. The $25 shipping put a hold on me ordering it - I want to check with my vet first since she carries a Platinum products. That's good to note about the serving size - Penn can be picky. But he also gets 4lb of grain in a sitting. Maybe I'll get a smaller bucket to start. Thanks!

  3. Our ponies are the opposite! TC is quiet in new places in a stall and to be led around, groomed, etc, but he freaks when I get on him. Silly baby horses. I hope Penn starts to feel better about his new place, it looks really nice there!

    1. I hope so too! It's a nice place, has an indoor, and the barn is heated to 45 degrees in the winter!

  4. i hope this cocktail (or something similar!) works out for him. and fwiw i've been doing little baggies (actually, little mini tupperwares) with powder and pellets and really haven't had huge issues with powder wastage.