Saturday, February 13, 2016

Getting Crafty

Remember that white Irish Knit sheet I bought a couple weeks ago?

Well since Penn has been wearing it overnight, it is now poop stained, despite several washes.

Best I could do while trying to stand back enough to get a big picture, but also hold the blanket open, haha.

Seeing as how we just can't have that, I decided to dye the blanket navy. Could I really make it any worse than it was before? Nah.

Enter RIT dye + hot water.

Navy dye in a tub!

Insert blanket. Plus funny stick that Husband widdled from a random piece of wood from the wood pile.

Stir constantly for 30-60min. What? I may not have followed that to a T. I opted for fully submerged.

Blue!! So pretty. Cold hosing the excess dye out of the blanket (See blue going down drain).

After dying and then cold hosing until the water ran clear, it was time to put the blanket in the washer with warm water and soap.

Last look at that nice blue color.

I watched it wash, and a lot of the purple in the dye came out and went down the drain... uh oh.

While not that lovely deep blue color, it is still better than poop stained white.

Next was taking care of a rip in the shoulder. I should have mended it first, but I was anxious to get it clean (no one wants to mend before washing out poop) and then I wanted to dye it so I could pick the right blue thread (which ended up not mattering).

Iron on patches and extra sewing with a machine to make sure it holds!

There was no mending the blanket with thread- the knit was coming apart and the loops had torn, so it wasn't possible to weave them back together. I sewed up the edges as best I could, then found some iron on patches and went to town!

Another side project I've been wanting to do was making a strap for Penn's head bumper. I had been using a stirrup keeper as a strap, except that's not long enough to meet the cheek rings on Penn's fancy show halter.

So much fancy.

I measured over his head, from snap to snap, last weekend and decided to make my strap while I had the machine out.

When I bought my trailer, I thought I wanted mangers for hay, so I bought Baker Crossties and Husband cut them to length. I've had these approximately 18" long pieces just hanging around for 5 years. Time to put them to use!

First I overlapped about 3" and sewed the ends together.

I did some number crunching and guessed I needed 4" of material on each end that doubles back because I needed 25" from snap ring to snap ring. I used masking tape to hold the fabric in place so I could make sure the length was right before I sewed either end closed.

All measured and ready to sew!


All done!

One finished sped-head.

And on to the final products, on the horse:

He's so freaking cute. 

Pretty with his sped-head! 


  1. That blue looks good on him, even if it isn't the nice navy color. Hopefully it can hide the stains.

    1. I saw him today. Old stains are hidden, fresh, not so much!

  2. clever and crafty!! i never would have thought of making a dedicated strap for the sped-head cover (best name EVAR btw lol), and instead always thread the halter through... but that's a PITA, this looks so much more efficient!

    1. Mikey used to slip out of his halter all the time, so as soon as he was a good trailer boy, I stopped putting it on him. Penn is prone to rushing out backwards and has already connected with a lip on the back of the trailer. So the sped-head is back! I love my new attachment, it's just a shame it took so long for me to make!


    Love the dye job and the bumper! Good ideas.

  4. Oooh, nice job on the head bumper! Love that Baker pattern. The dye job came out pretty well too - if you try it again, wash once with cold water and several cups of vinegar, immediately after dyeing - that helps set the dye. Then wash again as you normally would. Dark dyes generally don't set well, especially RIT dyes - you need to use a wool or silk dye to really get a deep color. Still, so much better than poop stained white!

    1. Hmm. Do you have a brand suggestion for dye? The sheet is 100% cotton. More dye came out the second time I washed it, and either it was enough to let the poop stains show through, or the new stains just didn't come out. But either way, I'd like to dye it again (and I'll use vinegar too like you said).