Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday

I got looking through my YouTube channel last Monday night and found my helmet cam from my first Novice event- almost 4 years ago! I could barely walk on a badly sprained ankle at this show, but I still decided to ride Mikey myself. I did send him to my trainer the week before the event so he'd be on his best behavior for me. Watching the video made me smile- I was happy to see that view of my red head again. We had a 31.7 in dressage and finished on our dressage score for 5th out of 13.


  1. Awesome video! I don't think I have the grit to make it through a course on a sprained ankle like you did.

    1. It was one of our best rounds... Mostly because my base of support wasn't spot on so I spent a lot of time with my knuckles in his neck to help myself out instead of screwing with his face! I rode with my one stirrup 3 holes longer than normal because I just couldn't bend the ankle. There was serious debate whether I would ride him or my trainer would do he could have the experience.