Monday, February 20, 2017


I need to edit videos, pull some screenshots, etc from lessons this weekend, but this was one video that did not require editing, and I found truly impressive of where Penn's trot work is at. This was in the first 10 min of our ride Sunday (ok, I used YouTube to edit out the first 40 seconds of non-horse related chatting while we were going in straight lines around the ring).

It's a long video, but is just over 6 min straight through of beautiful trot work: 10m circle, SI, HI, half-pass, medium trot. Penn is going to get extra cookies today when I drop off some stuff at the barn.


  1. Ah I love it! His gait quality just keeps going up and up and up!

  2. Ahh so exciting! He looks great - you must be so pleased!

  3. He's looking amazing!!! I LOVE watching your lesson videos, the arena is gorgeous and I love listening to your trainer :)