Friday, March 24, 2017

Quick Video

I have been messing with half pass and haunches-in at the canter as a way to make Penn sit on his outside hind (the inside comes up and under nicely usually it seems), and while Wednesday's work was much better than Thursday's, it's Thursday's work I have on video. Thursday's ride was a bit hurried since I was trying to get out of the ring before the vaulters came in, so Penn didn't get the warm up time he got on Wednesday.

So baby canter half pass to an expressive, leapy, and late flying change.

No worries, I'm going to stop messing with the changes since I know they're late now, and we shouldn't be doing them anyway. I'll replace them with canter walks or continue on to counter canter, or I'll plan properly and try to aim the half pass so I can 10m half circle back around. I know they should bother me since they're late, but Penn is putting 110% into them and is proud of himself when he's done.

Shallow half pass, straight, leap!

And maybe one day I'll sit up and sit down too, so Penn stops leaping :)

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