Monday, June 5, 2017

So Yea, I'm Behind on my Posts

Lots has been going on, and well, I haven't written! I'm working on it, but I'm held up by the need to edit video, and the lack of time to do that. So here's a preview of posts to come:

A favorite traveling clinician (who we'll call MF), came to dressage trainer's barn and I was invited to come ride. We covered a bit of ground and touched on a lot, but she finished by introducing Penn to the bamboo pole. (One post) 

We visited GP Trainer again. Penn enjoyed night turnout while we were there and was in a grass coma in the morning! It was an excellent visit with some great tips. (Two posts) 

 We went to a recognized show with Austen and it was AWESOME. There was dressaging, wildlife, and cross country schooling. (Two posts) 

I will eventually write all of these and then get back to every day activities because all I've been doing are lesson and show recaps! We've started a 4 week lull- no shows and no lessons for a while (Penn is going to enjoy a week of quiet time with very light work).

Hope that's enough tidbits to keep everyone interested!