Monday, October 2, 2017

"What Would George Morris Say" Blog Hop

*I didn't get my champs recaps written this weekend, so you get this instead*

I'm making my own blog hop! The recent unicorn bit contest that SB and Topline Leather held brought up a ton of fun fails. I found this great series of me riding like a schmuck and submitted it:

Mikey needs some features on here that are not #fail!

I remember reading mock George Morris critiques of jumping fails many years ago. They were hilarious plays on obvious rider error and recommended that riders should take up goldfish keeping instead of jumping because they suck so much (or something like that).

So have at it everyone, take a fail pic of you and your horse jumping (or get creative if you don't jump!), and write up your own Faux George Morris critique!


"This rider has started off well by keeping a 90 degree angle in her knee. However, her base of support could use some attention. Her seat is much too far forward and out of the saddle. She should strive not to duck and to keep her heels down. Harry de Leyer's heels up position is not one to emulate in the equitation ring. Despite her poor base of support, she has her hands pressed firmly into the horse's neck with generous loop in the rein in a long crest release. Her dull partner does not seem to have any aptitude for jumping. While I am not a fan of bright colors, she is correct to dress in red - it will hide the blood stains in the oncoming train wreck." - Faux George Morris


  1. Epic, and a perfect commentary!

  2. omg. omg omg. yes. what *would* GM say, indeed! that fail with Mikey is priceless. #redtohidetheblood. omg. lol.

  3. "Why the red suit? So the bad guys don't see me bleed". Hopefully, we don't have riding experiences where we need to wear the brown pants! XD

  4. OMG I am so doing this. LOL!!!