Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Commercial Break

Life has handed me some supremely frustrating things lately...

Soooo I've got a lot to post about (the SoloShot3 I got months ago, lessons, and a new saddle for Penn), but work has taken a turn for the worse and I'm rather unhappy with the job that I love doing, so I need to put my effort into rectifying that situation.

A new pretty! Penn earned his big boy saddle.
It exhausts both of us.

That means I can't spend the evening editing videos and tracking our progress (not if I also want to ride). I've got one scheduled post for tomorrow (because I set it up over the weekend), but the rest is going to be a bit drawn out as I get my shit together. I'm hoping it doesn't take too long to get things sorted out, but I'm in the "get that resume dusted off" phase.

We are slowly getting our shit together and making progress with this though!


  1. That saddle is gorgeous! And good luck, I feel you so hard on the job front. I recently made a change too, and it's been amazing. Left behind all kinds of stuff that stressed me out from before, and the new job's ramp-up period is like six months so it feels like a vacation. Hope you find something you love quickly!

  2. Fingers crossed that the job hunt treats you well! Looking for work is the worst.

  3. good luck with the work stuff. it always amazes me (tho it shouldn't) the power that type of stress has to completely knock me out. hang in there!

  4. Dude check out that gorgeous flying change!!!

  5. Best of luck with the job stress =( I'm in a similar period in my life, too, and can understand how work stress makes other things really difficult. It's crazy how one thing can bring down so many other aspects of life with it. Here's hoping yours gets resolved quickly/easily!