Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Semi-WW: FLIR One Pictures, HEAT DAPPLES

Penn is having a physical issue, one that is actually taking us to the vet clinic this afternoon instead of her coming to us, so while that happens, enjoy these FLIR One Infrared pictures I took yesterday!

Normally his dapples are only visible when he's freshly clipped... NOW I SEE THEM ALL
Fire Dapple should totally be his new color. Much more exciting than "Bay".
Best we can figure is the dapple hairs are slightly different, and the IR views them differently.
You can kind of see them in this pic, immediately after clipping him.


  1. Thinking good thoughts for Penn! Those heat dapples are super cool!

  2. that's so fascinating. i remember watching some documentary (i think it was "inside nature's giants"?) about giraffes, and apparently their spots have specific heat transfer properties, like heat dissipation or something? maybe horse dapples are the same?!? lol who knows!

    anyway tho, hopefully your clinic visit goes ok today!

    1. That's been my understanding too, that horse dapples are actually "hotter" than the rest of their hair

  3. how very cool! hope your vet visit goes well!

  4. You missed the opportunity to say that Penn is LIT. ;)

  5. How is Penn? Hoping for some good news for you both!