Monday, December 24, 2018

In Search Of

There's a few developments on Penn's situation. It amounts to I've found him a new home and he'll go there in June 2019. I've spent two days sobbing over it but it's the perfect place for him. The timing is a long way off, but I highly doubt it will fall through.

A face worth crying over.

I've started a casual search for another horse. GP Trainer is checking her contacts, but I figured I'd post here too. The blogosphere helped bring Penn to me. Maybe you can help find the next one too.

I'm looking to either purchase a young green horse or free lease a schoolmaster that does at least 4th level. There is no hurry right now to find another horse. The horse:

  • Must be able to live outside 24/7 until Penn goes to his new home (fields have run ins)
  • Must be a gelding
  • Must be able to do group turnout
  • 15.3-16.2hh (17h absolute max)
  • Green horse: 2 to 7 years old, does not need to be broke to ride if on the young side. I do not have a lot to spend (mid 4 figures). I don't prefer an OTTB, I'd rather have a TB cross, but the budget may not allow that
  • Schoolmaster: under age 20, some maintenance is ok, but he must have competitive years left. Must be a free lease, non-negotiable

I'm open to traveling quite a distance for something that has a high chance of being the perfect fit.

You all know that any horse that comes home with me will be extremely well looked after and loved on. Email me at codexdressage at if you have anything!


  1. So sad Pig isn't at a place anymore where you guys could work together (though I feel like he's less schoolmaster than you'd like!). Give Penn a kiss on the nose for me, and remind him not to be an idiot in turnout.

  2. I'll keep my ears open for you. What a sad thing but also I'm so glad for you that you've found him an amazing situation. Sending lots of positive thoughts that you'll find your next partner soon.