Thursday, August 13, 2020

Gotcha Day, Year 1!

Today is Eli's gotcha day!

I wanted to have comparisons and such to put on here, but alas, work and life combined with Blogger's dumb new format makes it super difficult to post from my phone. I'll hopefully have some 1 year comparisons next week!

I rode this morning before work with a plan to be at the barn extra early to be down at the outdoor with 10 minutes or so extra time so I could use the selfie feature on my Pivo... Eli was not down with that plan.

I arrived at 5:55 and went to get him after pulling out brushes and tack. Found him napping. Note how dark it is.

So tired! Face smushed into the grass, snoring.

Getting a wee bit dramatic, snoring and groaning while sleeping.

Wait there was a noise!

Don't care, I'm exhausted.

He started getting up and stopped. He also started grazing and stopped. And stayed like this. Note how light it is.

When you kill almost a half hour trying to fetch the horse on Gotcha Day, this is the kind of selfie you have to settle for!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Eli!!
    (I'm also with you on HOW AFUL the new blogger is when you're trying to use it on your phone, ugh!)

  2. I'm still giggling over this! 😂

  3. Those photos are hilarious - that is exactly how I feel trying to wake up in the morning!