Friday, October 9, 2015

Back on Track Quartersheet

The hits just keep on coming. The hits to my wallet of course!

I was paroozing the sale items on Riding Warehouse's website, when I came across the Back on Track Quarter Sheet that I've been eyeing for over a year now.

Hello pretty, expensive thing.
So I was planning on buying one for Mikey for this winter. I do not have an indoor arena to ride in when the weather is foul, so I ride outside in the elements all year round. This kind of sucks in the winter. I don't mind the snow or frozen ground. It's the wind. I'll wear long underwear, breeches, then jeans, and long sleeve shirt x2, fleece, then carhart jacket. And I'm usually still cold on the days it's close to zero with the wind chill. I like to make sure my horse's butt is covered because well, it's freaking cold! Mikey always seemed to appreciate my homemade quartersheet that has my alma mater pattern on it.

Anyway, if anyone out there has BOT products, you know they're expensive. Well Riding Warehouse has this quarter sheet on sale! $120 instead of $140. Not a huge savings, but I'll take whatever I can get.

Now my questions that hopefully someone out there can answer because I'm torn between the fleece and the nylon options (and it looks like only the fleece is on sale at Riding Warehouse).

  • It looks like from the picture that the fleece doesn't velco over the withers in front of the saddle like the nylon does (I confirmed the nylon does at Smartpak). I'm going to assume both velcro in front of the saddle and this is poor picture taking, but true or false?
  • I've found fleece isn't an excellent wind breaker. I assume the nylon would be better. Has anyone actually seen both in person that might want to weigh in?
  • Anyone have any other thoughts on nylon vs fleece? I like the wicking abilities of fleece, but I also like the possible wind breaking abilities of nylon.
  • Size. Do you find these run large? Small? Mikey's size 78 blankets are too big for Penn (he could probably use a 74 or 76). I'm hesitant to buy the 75 sheet because realistically, Penn will be the smallest horse I own and 78 seems to be a good standard size. Even the new turnout sheet I bought him last weekend is a 78. I couldn't bring myself to get something smaller. Thoughts?

Another note, I talked to the barn owner while on a hack Wednesday evening and an indoor will be up in the next year (yay!). She and Trainer need to work it out (they're related, so this isn't only a business relationship), but they will be building one. I asked her if that could happen over the winter or if it would be a spring project, and she said, "Maybe! I want somewhere to ride in the evenings! Even if it only has a roof and lights." Hooray, possible indoor covered arena!