Friday, June 26, 2015

4 Months, 22 Days Post Surgery

Well that count is as of Wednesday, June 24, 2015... which is when I took this video! Make sure you watch in 720 HD :-)

I brought my helmet cam out to the barn, put it on a tiny tripod, which I then put on the mounting block. My helmet cam has 170 degree field of view, but records it all in HD, so the video fish eyes a little, but you can see everything! I promise I will drag Husband out to the barn one of these days to take good video/pictures with his super deluxe professional photographer's camera. Or I'll give someone my cell phone and have them record some work on it. A helmet cam on a tripod is the best I could do! I needed something that remote starts, otherwise I would have just stolen Husband's camera.

Pardon my sitting trot. I'm still working at sitting his smaller trot. Since I was able to replicate my lesson (without crossed reins) and engage the correct seatbones, Mikey found his forward and connection and I was struggling to keep up in the trot.

I also got a flying change, right to left! Yes, it was inverted and late behind. I don't care. He offered it after not doing any since January.

I'm so happy! He is doing amazing. And he's sound and moving well. I feel so lucky.

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