Friday, June 26, 2015

Wednesday Pictures

Meant to post these pics with the video I posted of Wednesday's ride.

Mikey is going to have to start wearing bell boots when we work in the arena. He interferes up front pretty badly when we get working (his fuzzy boots are missing outer shell over the fetlock joint on both fronts). I thought this was restricted to the lower leg, but above the pastern. Apparently not.

Came back from my ride and he had blood all over his leg. This is why.
I have a pair of Dalmar No Turn Bell Boots from our cross country days. They have a carbon fiber strike plate across the back of the boot, and they'll sit high enough that he'll interfere with the boot and not his leg. They aren't much good for keeping shoes on since they don't touch the ground (I can't stand the flip flopping of regular rubber bell boots, and Mikey detests the feeling too), but they'll be perfect to protect his coronet band/lower pastern from his other front hoof.

The sunset here in PA was beautiful on Wednesday.

Mikey grazing. So pretty.
More grazing horses back lite by the sun.

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