Thursday, October 1, 2015

This and That

So aside from rearing woes, here's what's been happening:

Not a lot of riding last weekend because Husband and I partook in a Clue Road Rally on Saturday, and then I went to Autocross with him on Sunday. Where I got to see this, up close and in person.

Drool. Lotus Elise. If I did not have horses I could buy one of these. *oggle* By the way, totally wouldn't turn one of these down for the holidays this year... anyone have an exra $60-70k laying around?
I did sneak away Sunday in the morning to go on my weekend trail ride date.

Penn enjoyed his weekly walk with Leader.
After arriving at Autocross, I realized that I was about 2 miles from the local Dover Saddlery store! I don't usually go there because a) it's more expensive than the local tack shop, b) I have to take toll roads to get there, c) it takes me over an hour to get there. I asked Husband if I could sneak away and go to the store before it closed and before the Autocross picnic. He said sure! So off I went. I ended up ordering a saddle, which arrived yesterday, but that's for another post. Mostly because the pictures of it are on my phone and I don't have any data left for the month (resets on Sunday) to upload them without Wifi (these pictures were pre-uploaded on Monday this week).

I took some pictures of my Jaguar just sitting on Penn's back last week. This saddle was too wide on him when I brought him home. It's a MW. It is now too narrow for him. He's grown a tree size in a month. Eek.

The picture that has my hand in it? So I tried to run my hand under the front panel (before girthing it up). Well no shit the horse is getting girthy and nasty about tacking up, because my hand CAN'T slide under the panel. AT ALL.

I rode late one evening last week. Penn walked through the cavalettis you see in the below pic (I was told not to trot him through cavalettis for a while), then I made him walk over the cross rail. He was like, "Ok Momma! But I have to lift my feet awfully high over this one!"

Pretty sunset. Penn was not impressed. This is his "I'm waiting patiently for you to be done being a silly human" face.
I also started rereading Harry Potter. I was reading the part where Harry reads his school supply list and got to the pet section that lists 'students can bring an owl, cat or toad', when Penny jumped on my lap and wanted a snuggle. So I'm going to assume Hogwarts is real, Penny knows it, and she is going to come with me when I finally get my letter. Well not really because I'm quite a bit older than 11. Sigh.

Penny wants to go to Hogwarts!


  1. Tree size in a month??? SHAMWOW.

    Um. Yeah I'd send that Dover saddle straight back. No way baby gets that kind of mint on his back.

    1. He had zero topline and needed filling out in general... He's already a ton thicker. I'm trying the Dover saddle on him tonight, but yes, it will most likely go back. Unless it's wide on him, it's going back for sure because a perfect fit now will not be in 6 months! Trainer seemed to think he'll be just about done filling out in a couple months. He's been super easy to put weight on, and his back will only get so wide.