Friday, October 16, 2015

Updated Pages and Some Remarks

Well, I finally got around to updating my pages at the top of the blog. Mikey was in the "About Us" page. I had just sporatically added Penn's page.

So I made some changes.

"About Us" became "About Me".

I wrote a page for Mikey. That was hard. It took several days to get through it and lots of tears.

I added Penn's pedigree to his page, because why not. It's about him isn't it?

Finally, I changed my results page from "Journey to the Silver Medal" to "Journey to the Gold Medal" because in reality, I'm not stopping at Silver. That's not the end goal here. Maybe it was with Mikey, because bless him, but he was not going to be a Grand Prix horse. Not when we started strictly dressaging at first level when he was 14. I was hoping to get him to PSG before he had to start slowing down. But the goal is Grand Prix. Hopefully Penn can do it because starting over a third time will be rough! I'd really hate to part with him down the road to buy the next horse. I'm becoming quite fond of him.

But I'm keeping the name "Codex Dressage" for if  ever have my own place (no matter how big or small). Mikey's the reason for that name anyway.

Speaking of Penn, he's been with us for 2 months now. Which means Mikey's been gone for just over 2 months. Without Penn... I can't imagine what kind of depressed wreck I'd be. He's given me something to hug when I'm sad and something focus on besides Mikey's death.

One of the ladies and I were lamenting our two horses being on the bottom of the totem pole in the baby horse field (ie ripped blankets... all the time. That new blanket I got him like 2 weeks ago? Ripped.). I told her, "I bet Penn would be happier by himself. He seems to like humans a lot more than he likes other horses." meanwhile Penn had his face pressed up against the gate, eyes closed, while I rubbed his ears. We agreed that Mikey was sweet and lovable, but Penn is even sweeter, if that's even possible.

I'll be pretty quiet this weekend, I'm off to Kelly's Ford HT as supergroom for Trainer this weekend. Penn will go for a walk Saturday morning, and then will enjoy a Sunday without me! She's got 3 horses in the Novice, and a student in the Novice, so she needs a little help making sure she's everywhere she needs to be while the Novice division is running. Supergroom to the rescue!


  1. Supergroom powers on! And also, hugs for your sadness. And even more also, that gold medal will be yours!

  2. gold medal - yesssssss! writing down big goals can be overwhelming, but i think more often it can add clarity and simplify our outlook. i hope Penn is that horse for you!