Wednesday, January 20, 2016

18.5" MW Jaguar XKC Monoflap Dressage Saddle

Today's post is a for sale ad... I still have Mikey's dressage saddle and it really needs to go! Please share and pass it around!

2013 18.5" MW Jaguar XKC Monoflap Dressage Saddle - $2500

  • Made in England
  • About a year's worth of use - never used in the rain or taken on trail rides. I didn't use it over the winter when I didn't have an indoor, and Mikey was injured last winter, so summer use only. Never, ever left in the sun!
  • Well taken care of and cleaned regularly.
  • Fits OTTBs and other flat sided, high whithered horses well.
  • Retailed for $4000- Jaguar is no longer making saddles anymore. Harry Daubbs is maintaining all existing Jaguar saddles. I have all the original tags.
  • Very comfortable - I wish it fit Penn!
  • Excellent condition
  • Very soft leather - I made stirrup protectors so the irons wouldn't lay against the flap and create marks or dents. I'd be willing to sell those with it.
I can accept pay pal, buyer pays shipping, and I don't mind doing a trial with full payment. The saddle must be returned in the same condition! I'd be willing to meet if you're close enough to me.

Interested parties can email me at codexdressage at gmail dot com! 

And Mikey's back and shoulder build for your reference:


  1. This is a pretty saddle! I hope you can sell it.

    1. Me too! I took money out of savings to buy Penn's, so I need to get that money put back in asap. It is a wonderful saddle- I really like it and if I could, I wouldn't sell it! I'd just hold on to it.

  2. Good luck finding a new home for it! It's gorgeous!