Monday, January 25, 2016

Fun in the Snow

I have lots of new media!!!!

Husband and I took the trailer back to the barn on Sunday, so he was around while I rode, and he used his fancy schmancy new phone to take pictures and videos and even a few GIFs!

So I decided to get my "Micheal Jung/Ingrid Klimke" on, and work Penn in the snow two days in a row. (For those who don't know, Micheal Jung keeps his training methods quiet and notably doesn't teach, but recent leaks show he practices his dressage in water complexes, and more recently there's video of Ingrid practicing in her purposely flooded outdoor arena-links to Facebook).

Basically, the idea is to have some fun while the snow actively works Penn. I had a lot of on the forehand, connection and bend issues, but I also wasn't pushing him as hard as I could have because I was worried I would adversely effect his balance and we would both eat snow.

Ignore my horrid position. I'm going with I haven't really ridden in two weeks.

Husband also played with GIFs on his phone:

More still shot media:

This would be a great pic if he wasn't so on the forehand!

Then we have the videos!

Trotting left:

Trotting with a change of direction:

Trotting and some canter:

Same video as above, but Husband added some slow-mo frames:

A short ride -I like working in snow and water, but I'm not always sure how good working in snow is for the tendons- and not overly productive, but it was fun!


  1. I loved that video of Michael Jung working in the water. It also made me giggle because he had that fall in the water... I guess it proves he is human or at least good at pretending he is human :)

    The snow looks fun. Cold but fun.

    1. He is totally NOT human. He's a freak of nature- he keeps several 4* event horses and several grand prix show jumpers and grand prix dressage horses in his yard. He's doing something right!

      The little bit we got is ok- I like up to about a foot... after that it's just ridiculous to get through!

  2. Oh wow! You guys have so much less than us!! I'm filled with jealousy, as I have no idea when I can get to my barn. :(

    I'm hoping for snow workouts, too. Walking through 4ft of snow is a good stifle strengthener, right?

    1. We got so much less! Winter barn is about 15-20 miles north of my house? It got 4-6 inches while my house got 6-8. This was definitely a further south you are, the more screwed you are! Though for as much warning as we got, and how "little" snow we got, I was surprised that the roads in my area were so poorly plowed (even after it stopped snowing).

      Snow workouts are awesome. And I'd certainly think that's a good strengthener! Since he's on 24 hour turnout, just know he's working it even though you can't get out there! I hope you get to see him soon!

  3. I'm slightly jealous of your snow workout, but then it's supposed to be 70 and sunny today and I'm reminded why I live in Texas. ;)

    1. Haha! You pay for your 70 and sunny winter during the summer! Our winters aren't too unbearable, especially this one! We've avoided a lot of the cold so far, and Jonas really was our first snow.

  4. That looks fun! Beautiful photos.

  5. Yay gorgeous pictures! But yeah, it was 50 and sunny here yesterday and I'm not trading that for anything.

  6. That looks like fun! He is looking great, even if he is a bit on the forehand.

  7. Aw he's lookin good! I'm also super jealous at how much less snow there is.... I'm tempted to pull the princess out for a snow ride too but it would look verrrry different lol