Monday, April 10, 2017

Sudden Backlog of Posts Because...

The tree vs house saga continues to be annoying. Advice: Go full 1984 on your neighbors. Survey their trees and their entire property. Apparently when a diseased tree that belongs to your neighbor falls on your house, if they didn't know it was sick or dead, it's your fault. You have to notify them, via certified mail, that their tree is sick/dead and poses a risk to your house. In insurance, apparently ignorance on the owner's side is bliss.

I suddenly have a huge backlog of posts too- I had a ground work lesson with the cowboy dressage trainer LM, we went to another schooling show, and we went back to GP Trainer's barn for lessons! I was able to finagle a day of zero responsibilities this past Saturday, but it quickly filled up with "Spring Sprucing" for the trailer. Sigh. The trailer looks great and needed it for sure, but my relaxing day of getting notes and video together was nixed!

Started by emptying, sweeping, and washing. Husband changed the emergency brake battery too.
Then we fetched our new horse, "Slim." He's a bit long in the back, very rigid, and doesn't fit in the trailer.
He's quite skinny, you can see all his ribs!
Slim in action! (we actually got him to work on the roof, but this was a nice extra use)
No more leaky roof vent.
Husband grinding off rust. There was a lot of it. All steel trailer yo.
After grinding, rusty spots got painted. Certainly not perfect, but it'll continue to slow down the rust.
During- just before this point we decided to go buy more paint and do more than halfway up the walls.
"Strong roman nose on him." - Austen
I painted him with a paint roller, that's my excuse.
Wet paint!
Finished! Hopefully it doesn't take us another 5 years to finish up the doors and divider, lol.
(Paint still tacky, it was cold overnight which didn't let the paint dry. It was tricky putting the mats back in!)

I also caught some video of Penn playing Sunday morning. He's kind of a jackass to the other horses. This is why we have to be careful who he gets turned out with, lol. Kind of funny how after all the shenanigans, he just stops and eats hay.

At least he trots real pretty when he's done, lol.


  1. The trailer looks awesome!! And Penn, haha. So acrobatic! 😉

    That totally sucks about the tree though, ugh.

  2. Wow your trailer looks fantastic!! Can't wait to hear about your other adventures :)

  3. Wow, what a difference a coat of paint makes.

  4. oooooh trailer looks good !! also lol @ Penn playing!

  5. Love the trailer sprucing! And Penn looks like he's having too much fun.

  6. Good for you guys on finishing that trailer!! It seems like it could be a kinda fun project to envision but upsettingly daunting when actually undertaken (at least, for me).

  7. Your trailer looks amazing! So sorry to hear about the tree :(