Friday, June 3, 2016

Pennsylvania Pete Does the Rain Dance

Thanks Austen for Penn's great nickname! I love it.

Apparently Penn's dressage is some kind of rain dance, because remember how the last show was soppy as all hell?


Guess what...

This might just be worse.
However, this is better than the original forecast of tornadoes.

We're doing a one day recognized show on Sunday, just when the east coast is going to get hammered with some pretty severe weather. The original forecast was brought to my attention via app giving me a "Severe Weather Alert for the Upcoming Weekend".  Original forecast was for extremely severe thunderstorms with a high likelihood of tornadoes- the affected area stretched the entire way from where I live to the show we're going to. Great.

Penn did a perfect and too large turn on the haunch Thursday evening! Just gotta tighten it up for 2nd level.

At least it seems to have been downgraded from "extremely severe" to "potentially severe" thunderstorms. I like thunderstorms. As in, I like sitting on my porch watching them with Husband where he's attempting to get pictures of the lightning. I'm a bit nervous, only because I had a dream last night about really super severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

A freshly dragged arena Thursday night meant I could see all my tracks, so I made my own dressage court in the middle (probably about 10m too short) and kept myself in it and working my corners properly!

It seems we'll be working around thunderstorms all day long- showing between them, then driving home in them. I ride at 8:10 and 11:20something, so I'm hopeful that I'll at least get to ride before most of the rain happens.

I am glad I never got my show coat to the dry cleaner- I'd be super pissed for it to be spiffy clean and get rained on again. I'll take it first thing Monday morning! Also, I still haven't gotten the stains from Morven's footing out of my breeches...

The cats love it when Penn gets things from Smartpak. Their boxes are perfect for box catting.
New toys post coming soon! And a post about Flexible Fit Equestrian!

I did consider scratching and saving the gas money, but I'll be out my entry fees and hotel at this point. We'll go and see what the weather does, and possibly scratch once we're there. I'm not sure this facility's footing will hold up to intense rain like Morven Park's did.

Well blogosphere, I'll certainly let you know how this weekend goes!


  1. Not like it's not good experience just to get out there and walk around in a new place and on new footing. If you feel that the footing is too gross, you can always scratch! I don't think we're forecast to get quite the soaking we did at Morven, though. Just more bursts of worse weather. Ugh!!

    Awesome turns on the haunches attempts! You guys will be doing Second in no time... but how about those changes? ;)

    1. It's absolutely good experience for him to get out and see another place, and the weather should be good for us to school Saturday evening. The original forecast also included an inch or more of rain, so now that that's gone, I'm hoping it's sporatic thunderstorms that we can work between. I'm just hoping this footing is better than your standard "county fair" sand/dirt. It said it's sandstone with screenings in the prizelist, but I really have no idea what that means.

      Ermygawd the changes. I need to take a couple lessons on a horse with solid changes first. I think Dressage Trainer has a schoolmaster, but I don't know how willing she is to teach on him, esp since I haven't been riding with her at all. I think Penn will be ready for 2nd by the end of the show season, but I'd like to install changes on him over this winter, then come out next year doing 2nd and 3rd.

  2. If you ever do have nice weather, you won't know what to do with it.

  3. I'm praying June 18th has nice weather - especially since I didn't purchase a stall ><;

    1. Haha! Your trailer is big enough that you can probably rig the divider over and tack up in there, if Fiction will stay on with it like that. I hope you have good weather though!

  4. Fingers crossed that it is dryer than forecast!

  5. That does not look like fun. Good luck and don't get washed away.

    1. I know. I'm sitting here going, "Horse showing is fun, right?" And thanks!

  6. Crossing my fingers that the weatherman is wrong :)

  7. I hope it went well! We were supposed to get intense weather all weekend and it only ended up being a little bit Sunday afternoon. Hope you got lucky!