Thursday, June 23, 2016

So Busy

This past week has been super busy. BO is away for the week, and I volunteered to take care of the horses every morning (clean any stalls that weren't cleaned the night before, hay, breakfast grain, blow out the barn, bring horses in, feed field board horses and rearrange a couple horses, set up dinner grain). I ride when I'm done, then Monday-Friday log on remotely and work my regular job for a half day.

Look! Pretty flowers! These calla lilies were supposed to be orange like they were at my wedding, but I bought them as bulbs sooooo they're actually pink. Oh well. They're still pretty!

My last recognized show of June was cancelled due to a lack of entries, boo. I got all of my money back, and I already found a reroute show that works out really well. We'll do a schooling show at the end of August, then go play with Austen and Pig at a Labor Day weekend recognized show (it wasn't on our original show list). That will be excellent prep for Regional Championships two weeks later.

Penn's new saddle came in way ahead of my schedule- it was here a week and a half after I ordered it. I went last Saturday to the tack shop to pick it up. Fits like a glove- Penn loves it. He was quite sassy about his trot and canter work when I tried it out. He hasn't had that much sass in a while.

So pretty! Too bad Penn already damaged it.

I have a Flexible Fit Equestrian review post in the works that I never seem to have enough time to finish.

I had a lesson on Tuesday which I'll write about that in another post. It was good, and we continued ripping off the band-aid that was holding our canter work together. I need to get it written soon because the details are slowly fuzzing on me!

Not cooperating with pictures of all the new things.

Penn saw the chiropractor on Wednesday. Nothing wrong, just his 6 week follow up visit from his initial visit. He had different issues than before (the right hip was significantly lower than the left at his original visit)- this time his left hip was a little lower and the chiropractor did some extra work on his neck and chest. We scheduled his next two appointments- we're doing every 6 weeks in the summer during shows and we'll stretch it out over the winter. He'll get done the week before we go to Championships, so he'll be all good to be awesome when it really matters!

Husband and I have been putting out feelers for a third cat. We're looking for something kind of specific, so I told a local shelter to let me know if they got anything in, no rush... and they got it much sooner than we expected. More on that next week probably.

The girls are getting quite attached.

Eventually I'll get a couple more posts out, but right now I'm just sleeping, working at the barn, working remotely at home, repeat!


  1. Ha so much to write about!!! Glad things are going well :)

    1. Things are really moving along! There is so much to write about too. I'm finding it hard to find time to do it all! Tomorrow is my last barn sitting day. I'll miss it- it really put me on an awesome wake/sleep schedule that will be impossible to keep when I go back to riding in the evening!

  2. Wow you have been busy! Makes me tired...or is it my job that is doing that? :)

    1. Could be your job... I was noticeably more tired after doing my regular job than my horsey work... but then again horsey work doesn't pay the bills the same way my regular job does!

  3. I am so looking forward to Labor Day adventures!! :)