Thursday, August 27, 2015

No More Sleuthing

After several days of research, I've concluded that Penn is going to remain an Oldenburg/Thoroughbred. A friend helped me research, and between the two of us, he doesn't qualify for any registry except the American Warmblood Registry, which I'm not going to pursue.

Basically, his dam is a registered Oldenburg in Old N/A, except she was never inspected, so she was never approved. His sire is a Jockey Club Registered stallion (unraced) who was never presented for stallion inspection, and so never approved. Basically, since neither parent is approved, I can't even get a certificate of lineage or whatever, let alone register him somewhere.

It was still a neat project, even if it was for naught. I found out where my little baby horse came from, and he has some pretty cool lines. And should probably be a hunter instead of a dressage horse. Hell, he should probably be an event horse with all the TB blood in him, and the dash of hunter/jumper warmblood.
I had to put it together myself in Excel because the internet doesn't know!
So first off, Penn's great grandsire is Northern Dancer, which is neat. Penn's sire, Compliance Copy, is one of his descendants. CC is an unraced Dark Bay Stallion, born March 5, 1995 in PA. He sold at auction for $4,000, according to Equibase. Penn's breeder used to stand CC, though I'm unsure about where he's located now.

Other stallion's of note on CC's side: Ack Ack. I guess we don't hear much about him these days, but he was quite the racehorse and is in the American Thoroughbred Hall of Fame. Mr Prospector was also a significant thoroughbred sire since he sired a winner of all three triple crown races, something only his descendant, Unbridled, has done too.

Next, Penn's damsire is Alla Czar. Alla Czar is a pretty neat dude. He was a sabino Dutch Warmblood stallion, and seems to have passed on sabino and rabicano traits on to his offspring and their offspring. He also sired the first hunter (Osczar) to ever score a perfect 100 in the Regular Working Hunter Class. He competed in hunters and dressage himself, scoring in the 60's through PSG. His progeny seem to exist mostly in hunter land.

Alla Czar
Alla Czar competing in dressage.
Penn's Dam and Alla Czar's daughter, Attractive Nuissancz, also known as Czedona.
One of Alla Czar's daughters, Whimczical. Look at that incredible rabicano coloring!
Another neat thing: the Dutch Warmblood who lives in the stall next to Penn (who's owner helped me research), his grandsire is Zeus. So Penn and that horse are related- they're second cousins once removed? I donno, but they're a little more than distantly related, but less than direct relatives.

Attractive Nuissancz's dam was the thoroughbred Star Catcher. Star's great great grandmother was Somethingroyal (super neat). Star Catcher herself is an interesting mare, based on what information is available on Equibase. She was a chestnut mare born in AZ on March 25, 1989. She made $68 in 7 starts on the track. From what I can tell from talking to to the breeder and what I gleaned from the breeder's website, the mare was quite fancy and threw some nice foals.

My research was plagued by name changes. Star Catcher and Attractive Nuissancz also went by names other than their breed registered name. Their show names were Shameless and Czedona respectively. USEF and Alla Czar's breeder's website were very useful when it came to fixing that mix up.

So Penn is a bay, but he has some rabicano features (some white hairs mixed in at the top of his tail and white hairs flecked throughout his coat) and a sabino feature - his creeping right front sock, that he seems to get from Alla Czar. He's essentially 3/4 TB 1/4 Dutch Warmblood, but I'll register him with USDF and USEF as an Oldenburg with Thoroughbred as a secondary breed.

Here's the horse that really matters in this post.
I'll also register him in the USEF/USDF as "Illuczion", so scrap the name "Illusion" I gave him when I introduced him on this blog. I've already changed the name at the vet and the insurance company, so it's here to stay to honor his damsire! I did consider changing it again to "Illuczionist". I still kind of like it... it fits in better with his barn name "Penn". That kind of thinking also brought me around to "The Illuczionist", which sounds like a grand name. But I think the vet and insurance company will shoot me if I change the name again!

New ears picture from our walk Wednesday!


  1. very cool! bummer that you can't get papers on him, but still - very cool to know his history now (and all those cool color patterns!)

  2. Sabino and rabicano traits are also pretty common in some TB lines, so those might be helping to keep those pretty dominant.

    1. Awesome! I don't see many that are as pronounced as Alla Czar's progeny. I'd love to see more pronounced color in racehorses. I know there's a handful of Thoroughbred breeders who breed for color, but you don't see those horses in the track very often.

  3. You forgot to mention that Buckpasser is also an awesome and fun horse to have in his line! Love all of the research though. Such a handsome boy :)

  4. I dunno. I vote yes to The Illuscizonist, aside from my complete inability to spell it.

    1. Haha! I figure the spelling is my problem. I'm worried about people not figuring out that Illuczion should be pronounced Illusion.