Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Super Sluething (Update 8/26)

So Penn's pedigree is a bit hazy for me because he is unregistered. I'm working off of incomplete information. His breeder stands a Thoroughbred stallion, and it sounds like she leased an Oldenburg mare and my Penn was born.

So what I know:

Penn's Sire: Compliance Copy

Jockey Club registered (I have his number), 100% Thoroughbred stallion, and according to the thoroughbred pedigree website, unraced.

Penn's Dam: Czedona** see update

Here's where things get interesting. Remember this funny creeping sock I posted?

Well, I was told the mare was by Alla Czar, who is a sabino colored Dutch Warmblood. Upon some internet stalking sleuthing, it looks like most of his foals and grandfoals are marked in similar ways. One of his foals was the first to ever score a perfect 100 in the hunter ring. Super neato.

Now, I'd like to try to register Penn with an Oldenburg registry (or maybe Dutch Warmblood?) so that he's eligible for USDF breed awards, and then if I decide to sell him in a few years, I have papers to go with him. His breeder doesn't have Czedona's registration number or info, just that she was an Alla Czar foal and an Oldenburg. Now since Alla Czar was a Dutch Warmblood, and Oldenburg Approved, I'm going to assume Czedona is registered.

More internet stalking sleuthing has turned up Czedona's dam, last known owner, and her breeder is listed as Alla Czar's owner. I found the owner's website and sent them an email, asking if they remember the mare. Now the website hasn't been updated in about 2 years, so I'm unsure if the email address is active and correct.

Even more internet stalking sleuthing, turned up the owner (I'm 99% sure it's Czedona's owner) and the breeder on Facebook.

So world, how inappropriate is it for me to contact the owner via Facebook and beg forgiveness but ask about the mare's registration? Even if he can't be registered, I'm dying of curiosity anyway.

His creepin' sock is visible here too.
Oh and the official name that he was sold to me with was "Illuczion" which I thought was completely off the wall and strange. Now that I realize most of Alla Czar's offspring carry a 'cz' somewhere in their name, I'm more inclined to use that strange spelling. Oh the paperwork that will incur because of me changing my mind!


Update 8/26/15: So according to USEF, Czedona is not the dam's breed registry name- it's Attractive Nussiancz. Which is good because that horse does appear on the breeder's website!

And Old NA/ISR won't take him because he isn't by an approved stallion... I'm going to see if he can go to inspection to get half papers or something (if they do that). We're going to try the RPSI too since they have something similar. So much work!


  1. I wish all horses were as easy to trace as TBs!

    Love the Sabino traits. I was going to say that the white in the tail could be a little rabicano coloring showing through. The ticking kind of goes along with that, too. The creeping sock could be Sabino... both can be expressed in the same horse. Color genetics are SO COOL (and I am a huge nerd...).

    1. The stallion threw an incredible red roan rabicano that was a hair's width away from a white brindle pattern.

      I am a huge genetics and color nerd. Can I register him as a bay sabino? Haha

  2. i say go for it!! you never know, they might be thrilled to hear from you and learn about what Penn's up to. (my opinion on the creep factor might be slightly biased since i'm technically a professional internet sleuth so feel free to take this with a grain of salt haha)

    1. Ha! I've found that more and more people are also internet sleuthers haha

  3. Internet stalking is a totally legitimate way to procure information about horses. Do it.

  4. Do it! I have done plenty of internet stalking on my mare and now my mystery pedigreed freebie. You could always register American WB. Or, if the mare ends up having any KWPN registration you can get Register B papers without inspection. KWPN on the whole is pretty lenient about registration it seems. I have an acquaintance who took her mare to an inspection at age 19 and was able to get her branded Dutch (half TB, half WB as well). So there is always that option!

    1. I kind of doubt if the mare has KWPN registration since she's part of the USEF as an Oldenburg- but I'm intrigued by your acquaintance who was able to get an older horse branded as a Dutch Warmblood- that would be fine too. While I don't see them as part of the USDF All-Breed program, I could at least get him registered somewhere. Thanks!

  5. I called it on Alla Czar!!!

    I award myself ten points.