Monday, August 31, 2015

Sophie Update

Update on Sophie:

She is, of course, staying with us.

Killin' that angry bird :-)
I went to Petco after I posted Friday to get her a bag of kitten food, and ran into Husband while I was there. He was in the process of buying her a collar and engraving a tag. Like I'm seriously going to tell him no, we can't keep her! :-p

She got out of solitary confinement yesterday afternoon. I gave her a bath first to wash away the outside dirt, allergens, dead fleas, etc. She was gross. After her bath she smelled good and got so many snuggles!!!

Playing laser dot in solitary.
More laser dotting. We're really glad we didn't update our bathroom yet.
She also got to meet Nickels and Penny, who seem to have warmed up to her. Nickels let her rub on him (Penny isn't allowed to), and Penny stopped hissing at her long enough to start playing run and chase. Sophie has been very respectful of Nickels and Penny. If they hiss at her, she backs off immediately and finds somewhere else to play. Which is easy- she's been bouncing around the house, loving every second of it. Penny and Nickels are miffed by that- she just runs and runs and bounces and gives every toy in sight and whack before sprinting off to the next room. I don't think they ever spent time outside fending for themselves. Sophie is really loving being a loved, and fed, inside cat.

Cat carrier lounging while I wash my car Saturday. I didn't want to leave her locked in the bathroom.
We'll get her a harness and leash (or just use Nickels' or Penny's) and take her for walks outside. I think she'll like it more than the other two do. Nickels really does like going for walks though. For like, five minutes, haha. Then he makes a beeline for the nearest door. It makes me feel better that both he and Penny know how to get back to the front door. Hopefully they'd come back and wait there if they ever got out.

More lounging.
I scrubbed down the bathroom after Sophie got her bath. A kitten living in there for 3 days made it quite... dirty. Now it is super clean!

Blurry. But Penny isn't so sure about this new mini me!
She'll go to a local low cost spay/neuter clinic at the end of September to be spayed, get a distemper booster shot, and a microchip. It should total around $100. For her to get all that done at our vet's office it would be over $600. Yuck. I've gotten recommendations for this local clinic from many people (including the vet tech who saw Sophie on Friday), and they all like it there and are very happy with the care.

A couple people were willing to take her in response to my Facebook post- one as a barn cat, and one as a pet for a daughter while she's at her dad's house. Husband and I really wanted her to be an inside cat, and the whole 'part time pet' sounded like a recipe for her to either end up as an outside cat or abandoned cat or shelter cat (when dad decides he doesn't want to care for his daughter's cat anymore when the daughter is only there part time).

So welcome to the family Sophie!

Looking out the big window at the great outdoors. She doesn't seem to miss it!
Penn has been busy too this weekend, but Sophie needed her own post. Penn will get his own next :-)


  1. She is so cute! I am glad she will be part of the family.

  2. she and Penny are so similar looking! glad they're getting along so well already! also it's super cute that your husband was already at the pet shop getting tags when you went in for kibble lol