Friday, November 20, 2015

Blanket Hoarder

Hello, my name is Jan. I am a blanket whore.

So I got an email this morning that Smart Pak Ultimate Turnout Blankets are 30% off. So what do I do? I called and asked them to take another 10% off the medium turnout I bought last Friday (they did). And then I decided to order the lightweight and heavy blankets. And I ordered the medium weight hood last week too, so I will have the entire line (minus the no fill hood) for $501. BAM. I call that a good deal. Especially since every item has a 10 Year Indestructible Guarantee. It rips, I send it back for a brand new one.

This led me to consider the sheer number of blankets I already own. A co-worked just called me the "crazy cat lady of horse blankets".

(cue photo montage)

Mikey and his original (I don't know the brand) medium weight blanket that my parents bought 10 years ago.
Lightweight Weatherbeeta
Schneider's Medium Weight Stable Blanket and Hood
Weatherbeeta Heavyweight Turnout blanket (lightweight outer shell with removeable heavyweight liner) and Hood
Tipperary Turnout Sheet
Mio Turnout Sheet
 Then there's the unpictured:
  • Tuff Rider turnout sheet
  • Random brand turnout sheet that I just got for free because it's ripped and I'll fix it myself
 Then we have the "non turnout" blankets:

Rambo Newmarket Fleece Cooler
Back on Track Mesh Sheet
 And the horse isn't the only one with a blanket.

Nickels is sickly and cold all the time, so when I was in Mikey Surgery hell, mom and I found this XS dog blanket for $10 when we did some tack shopping therapy.
And in the last week I bought another hood and 3 more blankets.

That means I own 3 hoods and 14 different blankets (not counting the cat's). So umm, I think I'll be selling some of them! Some people collect saddle pads or bridles or other tack. I collect blankets.


  1. Your horse will always be warm. :)
    I am a little jealous of your collection.

    1. Mikey was an asshole when he was cold, so I learned to keep him warmer than necessary. Then I shaved off all his hair and got him more clothes. And now Penn is shredding Mikey's clothes, so I need to buy new indestructible/replace for free clothes. I swear there was a reason to buy each of them- none were "ooo I like it!" purchases!

    2. I got mine the SmartPak blankets. I'm crossing my fingers he can't destroy them. This is the horse that burned through two sets of SMB boots in a week!

  2. You win. I don't even have that many and we own four horses!

    1. I know, I thought about it. 14 blankets for ONE HORSE. I am a whore.

  3. If any of them at 78", shoot them my way :P

  4. So many blankets! Must be fun to hoard them.

    1. Very! I love them all, and now that Mikey is gone, I'm finding it hard to pick which ones to part with... because they were his. But Trainer already claimed one of them and I do need to pay my SmartPak bill, soooo... Most need to be sold.

  5. i will never get tired of looking at that picture of Nickels wearing a blanket. and looking like maybe the happiest cat to have ever worn clothing lol

    1. Hahahaha! It took him a long time to get used to it and to figure out how to lounge around the house in it, but he's definitely warmer with it on!