Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Clipping and Blankets

I'm on vacation from last Friday until Dec 1 - simply awesome! Vacation will be highlighted with a dressage show on Nov 29 (Training 1, 2, 3), and then after working a half day at home on Dec 1, I'm hauling to a lesson with German Riding Master!

Since we're going to have public appearances shortly, a goal for this vacation was to fix Penn's blanket clip. When I clipped Penn last time, the edges were bad.  From side to side, the pattern wasn't even. The blanket clip didn't meet up properly at his tail. Then there are the areas that just didn't get clipped - behind his ears and near his poll, armpits, flanks.

Saturday was the warmest day of my time off, so I opted to fix it all on day 1 of vacation.

I also opted to drug Penn for it so I could clip him in the barn aisle instead of trapping him in his stall. Domosedan is great stuff. Only I didn't realize how much of a lightweight Penn is- I gave him less than Mikey's usual mane pulling dose and he looked like this for a while... long after I was done clipping him.

Drunk pony.
I was able to get all my edges right and difficult places clipped, and Penn was relaxed for the whole thing. Less drug would have been better, and I'll remember that for next time, but hopefully after a couple more times clipping we can do away with the drugs. I like that it took the edge off and helped Penn not worry, and I definitely didn't need him to be as drunk as he was.

Penn also got to rock his new Smart Pak Ultimate Turnout medium weight blanket and hood!

I'm going to get a post going with all my for sale items to help pay for the stupid amount I spent at Smart Pak this week!