Monday, November 16, 2015

Mikey Remembered

Watching my horse suddenly die in front of me has left me a bit traumatized (little things make me think Penn/any other horse is going to drop dead too) and with the following very obvious statements ingrained in my head:

Life is fragile.
Death is irrevocable.

I knew I wanted a horse hair bracelet. I've always wanted one. Trainer cut off locks of tail hair for me, knowing I wanted a bracelet. I started looking at them shortly after Mikey's death and for a while I wold just cry my eyes out when I looked, then when I was finally able to give the bracelets consideration, I didn't like many of them. I didn't want the hair directly next to my skin because hair is delicate and I didn't want my skin's oils to mess up the hair, or me do something dumb to accidentally muss it or pull it or anything. There are no redos here- I have a finite amount of hair.

Someone posted to a local horse group on Facebook on Friday two pictures of bracelets. The poster was looking to have something similar made. I did my internet stalking research and was able to figure out who made one of the bracelets.

Mini Treasured Memories

Square Spiral Bracelet
Spiral Bracelet
I know they're not braided, but I love the silverwork around the hair. I think I'm going to do the square spiral- I like that clasp pattern better.

I think if I have enough hair (I honestly can't remember how much hair Trainer cut off- I know there were a couple mane locks and I think two locks from Mikey's tail), I want to get these earrings made:

Silver Horseshoe earrings.
And both the earrings and bracelet can come with bead charms and I'm going to ask for a charm that says "Mikey" for the bracelet, and then for the beads in this picture to be put on all of them so I have a matching set.

The bead color I want- not the earrings. Though they're neat too.
I haven't ordered anything yet, but I think I will soon.


  1. Oh WOW! Those are gorgeous. I'm kind of "meh" on most horsehair jewelry, but those are awesome.

    I've thought I'd get Pig's hair fired into a piece of horsehair pottery. Something about his hair being set on fire to make crazy and permanent patterns really appeals to me. There was a lady in Cincinnati who did it, but I dunno where else to look. (To the internet!!)

    1. After looking at most horse hair jewelry, I'm meh too. But I loved those- it's actually something I would wear to work, which I find much more appealing than a random bracelet, hanging on my jewelry tree, never to be worn.

      I have a beautiful horse hair vase, made from Mikey's hair. A friend asked my mom for a bunch of Mikey's hair and had it done as a holiday gift for me two years ago. It is beautiful and you absolutely should. I have to bring it back out, but since I have cats, it's displayed in the master bedroom where they can't get to it and possibly break it. I'll have to take a pic and send it to you- I think in the vase is a description of where it came from, so I'll send that too.

    2. They were able to do the vase with hair from when I pulled his mane too- so no need to cut locks or anything.

    3. Oh that's so cool! Bad cats, though. Bad, bad cats. ;)

    4. I know!! Cats can and will break anything important to you, and you will forgive them because they're cute and fuzzy.

  2. oh wow those are really nice! i've always really loved the idea of doing something nice with horse hair but haven't always loved the options i've seen

  3. Oooo I totally want to do this with Rico's hair, those bracelets are gorgeous! I want to do something wearable like that as well as a vase. Definitely keep us updated about what you decide to do!

  4. These are so pretty! I still have Beefheart's locks from his tail and have been wondering what kind of bracelet I wanted made with them. I would love to have one of these!

  5. Those are super pretty, all of them!

  6. Wow - those are by far and away the best horsehair jewelry options I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!