Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Goal Review

I set out unrealistic goals in January this year, then revised them in March to be more obtainable. Let's see how we did.

Made my goals smarter, but not necessarily better.

2017 Main Goals
  • At least one score at first level (recognized) over 70% - Because if we're going to repeat, let's do it in style. Nope, did not get this. Best we did this year was 68.088% in June. I did get a 70%+ at a schooling show.
  • Second Level Rider Award - I need one more score. Completed!
  • Bronze Medal - I need two Third Level scores. Completed!
  • Region 2 Championships at First Level - Go there and compete, and do it well (top 5 or 67%+) Went there and competed, forgot my test which put me 9th instead of 6th, and scored 65.221%.

2017 Stretch Goals
  • Earn one Dover Medal - Because medals are cool. Nope. We sucked at 2-3.
  • US Dressage Finals at First Level - Because he's leaps ahead of where he was last year. Nope, it was tough at Champs this year.

So let's add that up. We'll give champs a half point because I did get there, so the Main goals were 2.5/4, and we're 0/2 on the Stretch Goals. Well that sure sounds shitty, 2.5/6 goals met.

Main Goals:
Not getting a 70% in a recognized first level test doesn't really bother me that much. Penn and I spanned three levels this year and only rode first level at 3 recognized shows. That meant I didn't really ride First Level that much. Of the 12 recognized tests we rode this year: 5 were first level, 4 were second level, and 3 were third level. I'm sure if I had dedicated the year to first level exclusively, we would have hit 70% at some point.

I did finish my Second Level Rider Award (which I should apply for at some point, facepalm) at the second recognized show of the year.

Bigger completion: My Bronze Medal! Such a long time coming. It took me 4 years to get it done. Mikey and I got my first level scores in 2013, then second level in 2014, and then his injury and death combined with training up a new horse put my medal wayyyy back. Looking back, I'm actually surprised I got Penn ready for 3-1 this summer. He went from intro to third in 2 years.

We all know that having a pin to put on my coat is the really exciting thing, not the medal itself.

Championships was a bit of a mixed bag. My truck died on the way there, so just physically getting there was a big deal. Penn was GREAT in our champ test. I was very happy with him. I forgot my test, which cost me 6th place and earned me 9th place, FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW. However, not all 9th places are created equal because this was 9th out of 45, not 9th out of 29. I missed a ribbon and my ticket to finals. There were some hard pills to swallow that weekend. I still think we did well, even with the issues we had.

The ribbons we should have earned and the ones we did earn. #porkloinandporkchop

Stretch Goals:
I gave myself two shots at a Dover Medal after initially crossing it off the to do list for this year (despite putting it on my goals). The Dover Medal program ended on 10/1/2017, so I pressed for it on a whim and lost big time. The tests were riddled with issues and accuracy problems. Things might have gone better accuracy wise if I had a standard ring at home (3 loop serpentines are hard to practice properly without it). While sad, it wasn't the end of the world. I did get one score of 60%+ so in theory, I could go back and ride a second level freestyle if I wanted without having to reride 2-3.

First Level Finals. Again, mixed feelings. I ended up being happy I didn't go. I was burnt out by that point in the year, and I didn't even have a truck to take me there (I could have borrowed one I'm sure though). I would have been thrilled to go and visit with the local bloggers and JenJ, but I ended up having a quiet fall which was nice.

Saluting out for the year, lol

Bonus items:
- Second Level Open/AA/Jr Champion at Penn's first show at Second Level.

6/4/2017 - Loch Moy Spring II

- Third Level All Division Champion at Penn's first show at Third Level. It also came with a $150 scholarship since I am an AA.

7/22-23/2017 - NODA Dressage and Encore

- NDPC Small Horse - First Level AA - 5th/18
- NDPC Small Horse - Second Level AA - 5th/8
- NDPC Small Horse - Third Level AA - 7th/9

You know what's not shitty? This.
I love this.

All in all, not a shitty year, despite a 2.5/6 on our goals. We traveled a lot, did a lot of showing, went swimming in GP Trainer's pond, and had a lot of fun in general! Plus I have a few more things that we've done in the last few weeks that I haven't put up here yet (double bridle!).


  1. While maybe not attaining your main goals, some of that side stuff that happened was pretty awesome!

  2. Man I think you had a crazy year! You've brought that little horse so far, and he's just getting better and better! ❤️❤️

  3. Y'all are in such an INCREDIBLY competitive region, and even though your main goals might not have worked out, Penn has come SO far and you've had a really great year. Next year is gonna be even better, I bet!

  4. congrats on what was really a huge year - you set a lot of big, ambitious goals and made serious progress on all of them. and came out of the year with a happy and impressive dressage horse. sounds like winning to me ;)

  5. Your achievements are very impressive! Congratulations on all that you accomplished!!!

  6. I still can't believe how quickly you've brought Penn along. :-) What a testament to your partnership.

  7. Still an outstanding year with very impressive achievements. It was wonderful to finally meet you and Penn. I can't wait to see what 2018 brings you!

  8. Really cool recap and you guys did fantastic even if you didn't meet your stretch goals.

  9. Sometimes we have main goals but the trajectory of things takes us in a different direction. Regardless, you guys accomplished a lot this year and should be very very proud.