Thursday, April 18, 2019

Fancy Word Sequence (repose)

Of course, I came up with a name for this post a while ago and then instead of hitting close, I hit publish. Oops. So those of you that read via Feedly, you got a "404 No Content" problem.

Hey look! He's not derpy!

Liam is not registered... yet.

I know, I know. "You bought him unregistered?!" Yes, I did. I did my homework first though, I contacted Westfalen NA and asked exactly what they needed to register him. He's eligible- mom and dad are both approved. I need to do a DNA kit, get an insemination certificate, get a foaling certificate, and bill of sale. Then he needs to go to inspection this summer for permanent identification, even though he's a gelding.

Maybe he's secretly a baby cow.

But all of that means... I get to officially name him!

Event Trainer was going to call him Lawless because he broke all the foaling rules before he was born and probably shouldn't be alive.

The breeder that handled his foaling and young horse care tried to breed a full sibling- she ordered more Lordanos semen and the mare didn't catch, so she was unable to produce a full sibling. That made me go back to the suggestion of Limited Edition.

Horse vs ball standoff

I'm not really sold on either of those, so here are the rules:
  • The name can be a word or series of words, but the first letter MUST be an L.
  • No love themed names (Lover, Lover Boy, etc)
  • Preferred: Not an overused name. Would love something that starts with Lord.


Suggestions so far:

    Limited Edition
    Lord of Letters
    Lord of Logic
    Lucid Dreamer

Umm, you're two. Why are you so beefy?
Also, his hind end belongs to a different horse than his front end. I'm hoping since his thick legs seem to match his bum, the front end will grow soon.

"Funny but we're not using them" suggestions:
    Lunch Meat
    Lunch Box
    Lord Beefcake

That white nose stands out!
He isn't food aggressive at home, but he was at the breeder's.

Lawless has quite a few horses in the USEF, Limitless has even more, and Limited Edition has A TON. Enough to make me not want to use it.

I'm keeping 'Liverwurst' for when he's bad, Event Trainer and I both think it's hysterical.

Where did my floaty horse go? He's probably tired from a long day making new friends and playing!

So blog land, give me some fancy word sequences that start with L!


  1. I totally suck at names so I won't even try (it took me five months to come up with 'Connor' as a barn name, and even then it was only because 1. Otherwise my trainer was going to call him 'Teddy' and 2. I called his breeder to ask if she called him anything and she said 'Connor' so I didn't even come up with that!)

    But I wanted to comment on that conformation photo. He's LOVELY! Not that you didn't know that already but wow!

    1. I'd take a few months to think up a registered name, but I want to get his registration rolling and get that squared away.

      He sometimes takes great pictures, and sometimes they end up where is topline looks like a disaster zone. He is absolutely butt high, but it's more like a corgi bubble butt because he does try to move uphill. I'm excited to do progression pics! But for my budget, he is deeply fabulous!

  2. Um why is liverwurst a funny name that would be amazing and hilarious.

    I dunno why this came to me, but maybe you could look for a word in Welsh with some significance? A lot of their words start with two L's and are quite unique. Of course you could end up with something like 'Llwgrwobrwyaeth' that'll make judges jump out of their booth (incidentally that word means bribery)

    1. I can see it now: coming down centerline, Liverwurst!

      I did look into names like that, and I liked them, but I didn't think an announcer would have a shot in hell at pronouncing it.

  3. aw i'm so happy for you <3 am terrible at naming things tho and virtually always just stick with whatever my animals come with haha.... for "lord" names, Lord Willing, Lord Knows (Lord Nose?), Lord Limitless / Unlimited....

    1. Lord Nose 😂😂😂😂

      I've always kept the names they've come with, Mikey/Honacode, Illuczion, Liam. I did pick Penn's barn name because I was not about to call him Illuczion every day! My back up plan is to go with Lawless.

  4. Fancy Word Sequence would be an amazing name for a horse.

    1. Too bad it doesn't start with L! Because that was a thought 😂

  5. Lord of Logic is my call, bc Logic Lane. Obv. Though if you wanted to call him Logic's Lane, we'd allow. ;)

    Though, honestly, I'm 120% on board with registering him as Liverwurst.

  6. I might call him Lamb Chop!! :) As for serious names, maybe Lariot?

  7. Congrats on your new horse!

    Lord A Leaping (like from the 12 days of Christmas song)
    Lord Voldemort (hey, if you ask for Lord names that has to make the list)
    Legally Speaking (a play off the lawless theme)
    Laburnum (tree themed names in case that gives Liam good mojo for staying sound and healthy - strong as a tree!, and Laburnum sounded more masculine than Laurel or Lilac)
    Lodgepole (also tree themed)

    ^ All have zero identical matches on Centerline Scores