Monday, March 9, 2015

OSU Visit: 2/3 Tuesday - Recovery Day 1

Sorry this next post took so long, it's been a bit depressing lately.

The day after surgery Mikey was pretty miserable. That pretty much sums it up. He didn't care for the bandage on his leg, and refused to move. The students and techs tried to get him to move up to the front of his stall to eat his grain, hay and water, but he was determined to continue his bandage paralysis.

The look of misery.
I'm holding a mint trying to get him to move. He wasn't willing.

More misery.
Mom and I went back to the hotel and found some food before coming back in the evening. We brought a bag of carrots with us to keep on his stall since they were trying to making him move with treats. We came back to see this:
Spoiled rotten by the OSU staff.
His student caretaker had brought all his stuff to him, and he was much happier!

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