Monday, March 9, 2015

OSU Visit: 2/6 Friday - Coming Home!

Friday morning was a whirlwind of packing and getting all of Mikey's stuff ready. The vet went over the stuff I would need to wrap Mikey, and I took home a first set of bandage change materials:

The stuff.
But we were finally off! Mikey loaded just fine and we were on our way. By the way, Columbus has a lot of pot holes. I pissed off someone by going so slowly through the city and back to the highway. He honked and flipped me the bird as soon as he could pass me. I wanted to scream at him that I had a horse who just had major surgery in my trailer, so F Off!

Trailer cam, going home!
The drive was long and I was getting tired halfway through. I was drained from the week. The weather didn't help, the back roads had been snow covered all week and I had to go the long way around to avoid a steep section of road... only to find a Fed Ex 18 wheeler parked in front of the barn driveway, delivering the dressage show arena!

Dressage arena delivery!
He had to back up so we could sneak in the drive, and then my trainer backed my trailer right up to the door of the barn so Mikey would back off the trailer and onto the concrete isle, and then walk forward and turn right into his temporary stall. A little pony was evicted to Mikey's bigger stall in the back, and Mikey got a small stall up front where he could hang his head out all day and look outside, and hopefully not spin circles!

Mom and I finally got home, and we were happy to be home!

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