Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2nd Birthday

Almost missed it, but today is Liam's 2nd birthday!


Liam continues to be an excellent, no fuss baby horse. He leads much better now, he can stand still to be groomed in the aisle during mild to moderate barn activity, is super brave, and VERY curious. In a pinch, when bravery wanes but curiosity is still there, humans are good to hide behind. He has even learned to push one of the big exercise balls with his nose!

So shy about putting his head out. But these nose was busy touching and wiggling!

He doesn't feel the need to put everything in his mouth (he likes to nose things though). He's finally learned that humans sometimes have these awesome things called treats, and when they hold their hand out to you, they'd like to give you one. This has not caused any mouthiness so far.

He knows how to socialize with other horses. He tends to skip rolls in the mud and is like teflon when he is dirty.

Definitely an A+ purchase, his mind is incredible and thinking. He doesn't leave scary situations, he becomes cautious and curious. He is a sponge, soaking everything up. He feels more mature than 2 a lot of the time, but then does baby things like forgetting he has legs.

"Whoa, stuff looks different from here"

He is not what I expected. He is exceeding all expectations!