Friday, October 3, 2014

Blaze Orange

My husband informed me this morning that archery season starts tomorrow and I was not to "traipse through the woods on Mikey anymore" (His exact words). Ha. So I ordered an orange ear bonnet and orange saddle pad for Mikey and an orange mesh vest for me from Amazon Prime and will have them Monday or Tuesday next week. I asked him if that met his approval for traipsing through the woods on my horse and he said yes. Ha, like I need his approval to wander in the woods, but they are all things I really should have ordered a long time ago since I trail ride all year round and have been out in the woods when hunters are going deer crazy in Dec-Jan.

Next on my list is an orange helmet cover and maybe an orange fuzzy girth or maybe I'll buy fabric from the craft store and make a mesh quarter sheet or something. Maybe I'll buy orange fleece and make my own fuzzy girth cover and some covers for my 5-point breastplate. Just a little more orange.

Today's damage:

We rang in the New Year this past January (yes 10 months ago) by 6 of us taking horses out for a trail ride on New Years Day through the Christmas tree farm next door, by the big power lines, and down our rural road. Halfway through, hunters started shooting like crazy on other hilltops. None of us had heard shooting that close while out on a trail ride before. One horse was upset, but everyone held their ground because we had a couple horses that just didn't care. Mikey was somewhere in between. When he gets truly scared he freezes while he evaluates and you can hear his heart beating and see his body pulse. I am not kidding. It's the freakiest thing. If he ever has a heart attack when doing that, I would not be surprised. But anyway, he did that a couple times, but stayed quiet. Horses can be stupid individually, but you gotta love herd mentality (in this case). When the herd doesn't run and you wedge the scared horse in between quiet horses, no one falls off and no horse bolts. Everyone got home ok, and we're able to laugh about it now.

Anyway, enjoy your fall trail rides everyone, and stay safe!

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