Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Quiet Sunset Walk

Last night I took Mikey out for a quiet walk around the fields. If you mosey, it takes about 15-20 min. There were no rules tonight except walk/mosey on the buckle. I always trail ride/walk him in his cross country gear... one so it sees use, two just in case he does his spook and spin and gets stupid.
No rules and a lazy day also translated into me unhooking the cross ties and taking off his halter when it came time to put his breastplate on, and never reattaching anything while I got his girth on and put on my tall boots and helmet. I just popped his bridle on after I was ready. He's such a good boy, he knows to stay in the isle and wait for me.
He was so thrilled to do yet more work. When we didn't turn to the outdoor he perked right up!

Staring off at the horses that were out on the hill.
Ed is 18 hands of naughty!

I didn't cross tie him fully after we got back. So he checked his feed bin for leftover dinner. Don't ask what's up with that hind foot. He had it out behind him as he stretched to his bin, then decided to relax it.

He's lost a little weight since growing his winter hair... and topline because I just haven't been working him as hard in Sept/Oct as I did all summer. And he's got withers, that's for sure. He's not a real pleasure to ride bareback.

And I let him get away with the cross tie shenanigans because when he is hooked to both, he stays there and doesn't move a muscle. When he's not hooked to both, he doesn't try to go in the open stalls or leave, he just stands to the side and looks in his feed bin. Majority of the horses in our barn either ground tie or are taught to stand in the cross ties without moving until we take them out. When I take him places, everyone complements me on his excellent manners and how he just waits patiently for me to come back. Anyway, last night was rule free and he enjoyed it!

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