Wednesday, October 8, 2014

One of these things is NOT like the other...

One of these things should die alone... I mean, should be returned to Amazon. Sorry, I have a Big Bang Theory problem so I had to steal Amy's line.

Note the blaze orange saddle pad and the brown cloth in the other bag.

That brown cloth in the little plastic bag is the "peach" ear net I ordered. I'm sorry Amazon, that is brown. I didn't expect blaze orange, but I did expect orange! Especially when the picture looked like this:
Note the chestnut horse. The net is a lighter color than said horse What I received is darker than every chestnut horse I've ever seen.
It's too bad the net is the wrong color. It does look like a lovely net, and if it was in navy or black I'd keep it even though it's the wrong color. Maybe I'll exchange it. Mikey's blue net is almost as old as he is! I bought it in 2001 for trail riding the little gray quarterhorse I was leasing at the time. Though at a second glance, the ear hole looks like it's pony sized. Of course it's in a sealed bag so I can't open it to find out, knowing it's the wrong color and I will be returning it.

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