Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mikey and Blaze Orange

Well, blaze orange is not Mikey's color. I promise I will get more navy blue items for him to wear after hunting season! He was not in the mood to be photogenic.

"Mom, I look like a pumpkin."
I did find another fly bonnet that was blaze orange with a cute horse print and a fabulous price from It only took a week to ship to me from Canada. I won't be able to take it out to try on Mikey until this Sunday at the earliest, but I wanted to share it!

And then here's my two other fuzzy children inspecting a pumpkin my husband and I got from a farm that does a very high tech corn maze (it's cut into the corn using gps!). The pumpkin is in great shape and big, and was only $10. We're going to carve it closer to Halloween.

Our two shelter cats: Penny is the calico Manx mix on the left, Nickels is the tabby on the right.
 Nickels is our first cat that we got when we were still dating and had just moved in together. He's about 3 1/2 years old and has well outlived his life expectancy (he's very sickly and possibly has FIP, but my husband and I doubt this). He's very light on his feet, and is very light in general- around 6.5 lbs. He has a chronic upper respiratory infection that we can't get rid of. We've tried 4 different antibiotics, a couple steroids, and several natural remedies. If anyone has something else that might help, please share!

Penny is our second cat and about a year and a half old. She has food allergies (no grain, fish, or chicken- good luck finding a food without those!) and I finally found a food that works for her, and luckily Nickels will eat it too. She's a little tubby (around 11 pounds, could use to be 10.5 or so), but that's my fault for leaving free range food out since Nickels is so thin. I wanted him to be able to eat whenever he wanted! I don't do that anymore though.

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