Friday, October 17, 2014

The Great Feed Collection, Part 2

So I ended up having to pick up the next set of feed bags in my car, so I'm still missing feed. The weather around here will not allow me to drive my truck (no tonneau cover = no picking up feed in the rain) to the feed store to pick up all of the last 970lbs of feed. I brought an additional 460lbs home with me the other day, leaving 510lbs for the next (and last) pickup.

I added 6 bags of Proforce Fuel and 4 bags of Empower Boost to my stash. My stash is currently 780lbs.
And for those concerned and thinking I'm stupid for storing all of my winter feed: My husband built a custom pallet for the bags to sit on (6in off the ground I think) that has support bars and air holes to circulate air underneath. The bags are living in my mostly finished basement that has a dehumidifier (running 24/7 these days, but winter will fix that) to keep the humidity between 35 and 45%. We have cats which prevent mice. My trainer and Feed Store Dave have agreed that my feed will be fine.

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