Monday, October 20, 2014

On the Road to the Rolex Kentucky CCI**** 3 Day Event!

I forgot something else I wanted to share yesterday!

I work with a 3* event rider instead of a straight dressage trainer. I like it that way. I go visit straight dressage people every now and then, but I love working with my event trainer. She's near the top of her sport and isn't afraid to tackle something she doesn't need to do on her own horse in competition (ie canter pirouettes or tempi changes or piaffe/passage), and she's a smart rider who can figure out how to ask for things she's never done and know if the answer is right or not. That's why I stick with her, she develops independent thinking riders. She got me out of my need for hand holding that was holding me back.

Anyway, she went to Fair Hill's CCI 3* this past weekend to get the last qualifying score she needed for Rolex, and she got it!

Road trip to Kentucky for Rolex 2015!!!

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