Saturday, December 27, 2014


It has taken me a week to write about this, and I'm not going to say much because this week has been one long, upsetting, event after event week.

Mikey got kicked or something last Friday or Saturday in the hock. The already weak hock. I found it when I took him for a road walk and he walked fine, and trotted horrendously. To make a long awful story short, Mikey moved to the barn my trainer is leasing for the winter on Christmas Eve. It mostly centers around the fact he was going to be there anyway for the vet next Monday and I couldn't monitor the leg as closely as it needed to be since he had 3 different sets of hands on him a day of varying knowledge. It was not in the horse's best interest to stay. There's other reasons too, but that's not for the world to know via blog.

A week later and Mikey is for the most part sound and no more swelling. He tracks well and flexes negative, but you can get a slightly off step by turning him just the right way in trot and his right hind is just slightly slow off the ground.

On Monday Mikey will see the vet for: acupuncture, a pentacin shot, a stomach ulcer test, and now she'll also be checking his hock.

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