Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lost Shoes

Well Mikey pulled a shoe sometime between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening, not sure when. When I went out Tuesday it was missing (I last saw Mikey Sunday when I turned him back out around noon), but no one had mentioned it to me so I'm guessing no one checked for shoes and because of all the mud, the horses don't make a clip clop noise down the aisle. Slight annoyance there (maybe more than slight, there's only 5 horses), but oh well. He's usually fairly sound when he pulls them and I checked with my trainer about doing 15-20 min of walk (very through and over the back) without it and she seemed to think that'd be fine... that's been our usual protocol with missing shoes and more than 24 hours until the farrier will be out. The sand in our indoor is so light and fluffy, it shouldn't hurt anything. I jogged him down a long wall and he was a bit gimpy, but he was also missing a shoe, so there you go.

The farrier made it out today and put the shoe back on (Mikey's been on stall rest since Tuesday), and said the heel bulb was tender and he might still be off. Basically Mikey did a super job of ripping his shoe off. I'm hoping I didn't add to it since we walked for 15 min Tuesday night. Sigh.

I think Mikey knew we were going to my trainer's for a lesson on Sunday. I'm going to bet that's up in the air if he's not sound when I get there tonight. He does need to go do some work before he's allowed back outside, otherwise he'll jump around like a fool and rip off more shoes or damage his tendon.

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